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10 Habits Essential for Becoming a Most Valuable Hire

First impressions are lasting impressions.  So your first few seconds in a new job, meeting a new client, or networking in person may be much more critical than you think. Why are First Impressions So Powerful? Most interviewers will tell you that they have already...

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5 things to stop doing when applying for jobs

We all know what we should be doing when applying for jobs. Qualifications, work experience, references, your application may not even be considered without them, but there are a number of things that you should definitely not do. See what you can cut out to make your...

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How to Write an Excellent Cover Letter

Many employees fail to understand the amazing benefits that an excellent cover letter could bring them. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding will cause them to “miss” many job opportunities. When you apply for a job post, you first send your resume, and along...

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Why One Bad Job Shouldn’t Ruin Your Resume

Writing a resume is all about selling yourself and highlighting the best bits of your career. But what happens when you have a bad job under your belt, perhaps a short-term disaster you walked away from, or a role where your manager never let you do anything? Don’t...

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Find Your Career Icon for 2018

If there’s one sure-fire way to get you fired up about your career in 2018, it’s identifying an icon or role model you can look up to and learn from. Though it helps to have real-life mentors – people in the workplace you can meet for coffee or have a formal...

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