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Why Job Hopping Affects Your Credit-Worthiness

A couple of decades ago sticking with one employer for several years while trying to advance your career within the organization was the norm. Job hopping was not only rare but also frowned upon. The situation has now changed. The younger generation embraces and...

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The Hidden Costs of Starting a New Job

Whether you have decided now is the time to apply for your dream job, change fields, or you are looking to progress, starting a new job can be an exciting prospect. It could enhance your skill set, provide different working hours or even offer a salary increase....

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Perks That Will Keep Your Employees Happy and Engaged

Keeping good employees is essential to running a successful company—but a good worker isn’t just going to hang around forever without reasons to stay. This is where benefits and perks come into play. It’s in your company’s best interest to keep good employees because...

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6 LinkedIn Alternatives for Professional Networking

For better or worse, LinkedIn has become the standard when it comes to professional networking. With thousands of job ads, company reviews, and the ability to build a professional community, LinkedIn has it all. But is it the only option for jobseekers, or are there...

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