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Are Video Resumes the Way to Go?

The job search is probably the ultimate place where, as the saying goes, “everybody is standing, but you need to stand out.” For increasing numbers of job seekers, the way to stand out is with a video resume. A video resume is a short digital video that serves as a...

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How Compensation Decisions Are Made

Understanding how employers make compensation decisions is critical if you want to be effective in negotiating your own compensation package. Compensation has been very much in the news during the past year.  From the fervor over a $15.00 per hour minimum wage to...

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Top Phrases That Are Killing Your Resume

When it comes to writing a resume, you should be strategic about the words you use. You need to avoid the most overused phrases and instead use other more creative alternatives. Phrases that you should avoid using in your resume 1. Team-player This is the most...

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