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We recently conducted a survey to understand if people use Facebook when looking for a job and if yes how they would use it. We found the results interesting and decided to create a short infographic to present them in a nice way.

In a nutshell – you’ll find out that people don’t really use Facebook to find a job but they would definitely do it to get more information about a company. On the other side of the coin they are mainly not happy when a recruiter contacts them on Facebook and would not connect with colleagues. All these results allow us to deduct Facebook has a personal use and private use. Job seekers tend to use other social platforms like LinkedIn more, the number one social network.

Feel free to tell us in the comments if you already have used Facebook to find a job and how as there are lots of possibilities.


Laurence is Senior Account Manager and King of Content Link Humans. He also edits Undercover Recruiter and organises events for Social Media London. He likes going to music gigs, comedy and always tries to have fun.

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