A career as a human resources professional offers many opportunities to contribute to workplace culture, ensure compliance, and maintain structure in processes. There are many reasons why you may have an interest in pursuing this career path.

You may thrive on establishing and enforcing regulations throughout a company to maintain balance. Alternatively, you may be a master organizer and enjoy the administrative side.

Regardless of what piques your interest in human resources, it’s good to understand the primary responsibilities when working as an HR professional. The role is shifting and working in HR offers the potential for you to make an impact in any business. Here are some of the primary responsibilities:

Support employee development

Working as an HR professional requires you to work with employees on their professional career development. You will conduct employee evaluations and work with them on growing and advancing in their job roles. You’ll discuss areas where they can improve and create an actionable growth plan.

By building this relationship with employees, you’ll identify their potential for succession within the business. It will also allow you to optimize job roles accordingly with the employees that are already on staff.

Planning and strategic involvement

HR is no longer just an administrative position. As an HR professional or working at an HR Company, you will contribute to the development and growth of the business. You will participate in company planning in which the aim is to align employee and business goals. As an HR professional, you will need to execute these strategies and activities to help grow the company or organization.


Recruiting new employees may sound like a straightforward responsibility for HR, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. As an HR professional, you will be in charge of finding and recruiting the most qualified candidates for each job role. To attract ideal employees, you will have to formulate a brand message that they will align with.

By building a positive workplace culture, providing a comprehensive benefits package, and a competitive pay rate, you can attract quality candidates. The more candidates want to work with you, the more options you will have to choose someone who will help advance your employer’s objectives.

Be an employee advocate

As an HR professional, you will be the voice for all employees within the business or organization. You’ll advocate for the employees and help build a work environment where they feel respected, motivated, and positive. Part of this advocacy includes establishing open communication, setting individual and department goals, and planning employee empowerment activities.

Prevent and respond to cyberbullying

Dealing with workplace bullying has always been part of the job of the human resources team. With huge portions of business now taking place virtually, cyberbullying is on the rise and can be extremely challenging to deal with. While in-person bullying may be easier to detect and confront, cyberbullying isn’t as straightforward.

The connectivity of the internet enables cyberbullying to extend beyond just in-office confrontation and often continues at home. Companies may have employees inhouse, with others located remotely around the globe, making it a complicated issue to deal with.

That said, as an HR professional, you’re in charge of dealing with these scenarios professionally to eliminate and discourage cyberbullying. Every company or business needs a qualified and passionate HR professional to maintain a positive culture amongst employees.

Companies depend on HR for organization, structure, and compliance, and without them, things wouldn’t run properly. Now more than ever, a career as an HR professional gives you the chance to make an impact on your job and contribute to business success.

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