This article has been updated on June 20th, 2014.

When I first got assaulted by the buzz around mobile job search, I was skeptical. My first thought was, “Ok, so what can I do on my phone that I can’t do on my laptop faster.”

But after researching some of these innovations, I realized that there are indeed things that a mobile device has over a computer.

  • Your mobile device is always with you (convenience)
  • Your mobile device is location-aware (GPS)
  • Your mobile device was built to record video and images from your everyday life

These features make it possible to do certain things, like scan business cards, read flashcards in line (or on the can), and even locate possible networking connections based on where you are standing.

My advice, then, is to not simply use these mobile apps to replace things you can do better on a laptop, like a format a resume, or typing an email. Rather, use them for their strengths.

Below, I outline some of the more useful apps I’ve found (i.e. this is not a complete list, rather, it’s a recommendation list).

If you’ve discovered and used an app that is not on this list, please let me know in the comments below. Maybe I’ll add it on!

1. Location-enabled services

One of the coolest features of your mobile device is that it knows where you are. This information can help you identify nearby opportunities, apply to them on the spot, and even find nearby people to network with.

Apploi replaces the job application

This innovation threatens the very nature of job applications. Would you rather ask someone if they can make a mojito…or have them show you a video of their skill? Apploi lets employers customize their questions so they can get to the important stuff, without wasting your time on filling out the same old work experience sections over and over.

Apploi allows job seekers to save basic information to a Passport so they don’t need to fill out personal details including education, work details, and portfolio more than once. Apploi also helps job seekers find jobs nearby and surfaces the best applicants for employers through multi-media application questions.


JobCompass uses GPS to tell you where job board openings are near you

JobCompass is the first application on the iPhone or iPad that searches millions of job postings, locating and plotting them on a map showing you exactly where the jobs are in relation to a specific address or zip code.

Finding a job with JobCompass is simple. When you find a job that you are interested in you can email it to yourself, to a friend, and even apply online! So what are you waiting for, find that dream job near you today!

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2. Biz card management

How do you handle paper biz cards after a networking event? Piles of them seem to fall off of your desk, and the new people never seem to make it into your LinkedIn network. Lo and behold the following solutions.


With Evernote Hello, you can scan someone’s card into the app, and then leave comments on how you met, or some defining characteristic of their face. This app uses GPS so you can see where you met the person. And, naturally, there’s a connection to LinkedIn where you can invite them to join you.

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Card Drop (digital biz cards)

With CardDrop, you can create a digital business card, and hand it out in multiple ways. Just open the app and “drop” your business card; the app uses your phone’s GPS sensor to determine the location you dropped your card.

The app also allows you to trade digital business cards with people you haven’t met in person and even helps you connect to new contacts via social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.


3. Networking support

If you’re an extrovert, then you love meeting new people and growing your network. If you’re an introvert, like me, then maybe one of these apps will kick you into gear!


LinkedIn’s mobile interfaces are really slick. Actually, I prefer them over the desktop version. This app does a great job with news and updates. It tells you who in your phone’s contact record is on LinkedIn whom you’re not connected to yet. And it allows you to use LinkedIn’s new contact management tools, where you can add notes and reminders, and tags.

I know very nerdy people moving away from Twitter for updates and onto LinkedIn’s mobile platform. That should tell you something!

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Broadli tells you how to maximize a large LinkedIn network

By organizing your network in a meaningful way and allowing you to tap into the right people when you have career needs, Broadli aims to make LinkedIn way more useful than it is now.

Unless you enforce a strict selectivity policy, there’s a good chance your LinkedIn network has some significant percentage of complete strangers who may never be able to help you professionally–or who may, and you’d never know it. The new mobile app Broadli aims to rein in the perpetual disorganization of professional social networks, helping people find those connections, or connections of connections, who can help them most, and vice versa.


4. Advice

Whether you like to read whilst in the toilet, or standing in line, there are many moments throughout the day where you can be learning new things, rather than looking at Grumpy Cat.

JobJuice offers job interview prep flashcards (including one for social media job search skills)

JobJuice has been around for a decade. In fact, thousands of MBA students at the top MBA programs in over 35 countries use Jobjuice for interview preparation and as a handy business reference tool. I included, by the way…way back when these were paper flashcards and I rode a dinosaur to class.

JobJuice has a handful of mobile apps that emphasize extreme practicality and efficiency for business reference and interview preparation, including one for social media job search skills.

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5. Job board apps

Most job boards have a mobile version…so pick your fav job board and see if there’s an app for that. Some of the more popular ones are here, but then there are a few that bend the rules.

LinkedIn Job Search Mobile App

The new LinkedIn Job Search app for iPhone provides a one-stop-shop for your job-seeking needs. Whether you are actively on the hunt for a new gig or just keeping an eye out, the new app comes packed with the core LinkedIn features you’ve come to rely on to help manage your job search, including:

A streamlined end-to-end experience: Landing your dream job can feel like a full-time job. So we wanted to make it easier to find, research, and apply for your next opportunity by maximizing your “in-between” moments. The next time you’re in a line for coffee or stuck waiting for a delayed flight, why not jump-start your job search from your phone.

Customizable search: Job searching is not a one-size-fits-all process and we want to make sure you have the tools to find just the right fit. To take a more tailored approach, you can use Advanced Search to filter jobs by fields such as title, location, company, industry, or seniority level.

Recommended jobs tailored for you: You have a lot on your plate, so let us do some of the heavy liftings for you. Based on your saved searches, jobs you’ve viewed, and your LinkedIn profile, we’ll surface new and relevant opportunities for you.

Be in the know: Finding a job that interests you is just the first step. Use the app to learn more about the company and check out who you know who already works at the company to get the competitive intel you need to stand out. We’ll also make sure we’re keeping tabs on the jobs that interest you with important notifications when jobs you’ve saved are about to expire or when a recruiter has viewed your application, or when there are new jobs that meet your search criteria.


Craigster for Craigslist postings

As you probably know, the sooner you reply to a job posted on Craigslist the more chance you have of actually getting considered. So having a mobile alert for new jobs that appeal to you could increase your chances of responding faster. Craigster lets you quickly and easily search ALL of craigslist classifieds, even across states and countries. Contact sellers from craigslist right from your phone. Save your favorite searches so that you don’t waste time.

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Linkup finds unlisted jobs from company websites

LinkUp’s application brings the web’s highest quality, fastest-growing job search engine to your phone. LinkUp’s unique search engine, updated daily, lists only jobs that are found on company and employer websites. As a result, LinkUp’s jobs are always current, often unadvertised, and never fake.

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Different from the standard job board, Glassdoor also tells you how much you can expect to make at that job, or in certain industries based on location. This can help you prioritize your activities.

Each submission is manually reviewed by a team at Glassdoor to make sure that the entry is “genuine”.  Apart from reviews, users are also able to submit information regarding interview questions they faced as well as reporting salary information.

Since the release of its Facebook application last year, usage has grown dramatically and the site continuously attracts new users from around the world.

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More than 24 million unique visitors a month visit CareerBuilder to find new jobs and obtain career advice and works with employers around the world, including 92% of the Fortune 1000.

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Indeed is the most comprehensive search engine for jobs. In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. From search to application, Indeed’s Job Search app helps you through the entire process of finding a new job.

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One of the largest and highest-ranked job boards in the world, Simply-hired may offer you job results that you can’t find anywhere else.

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