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Using Insider Information To Grab The Attention of Interview-Granting Hiring Managers

Get ebooks, recorded trainings, swipe files and a 15-minute coaching call all designed to get you multiple offers fast.

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The Ultimate Job Search Plan

Create a personalized job search plan and land interviews for your next position.

You are delusional if you think a GREAT job is going to land in your lap. Instead, hunt down the career of your dreams using our “hold you by the hand” Ultimate Job Search Plan.
Our Ultimate Job Search Plan combines our most effective e-books, video trainings, and one-on-one coaching so you have a plan to enter the job seeking world to land an offer quickly. Our document feedback will allow you to nail the design and improve the overall impact of your resume and LinkedIn profile. Our job search tactic training will empower you to create a target company list that will pinpoint where to find your next position.
But the most important part of this Plan is the one-on-one coaching that will create a custom plan designed to get you the professional development AND the financial compensation you deserve.

The Executive “Get Hired” Package

The average corporate job posting receives in excess of 250 resumes, with the first resume submitted within seconds of the job posting going live. We’ll show you how to leverage keyword optimization and action-driven language to structure your resume and LinkedIn profile for the recruiter’s brain, and immediately stand out from the pile.

  • Detailed Resume Strategy Session

  • Branded Resume Document
  • Three Customizable Cover Letters (All-Purpose, Exploratory, Follow-up)
  • Lot’s more!

Executive “Get Transformed” Package

Discover What You MUST Know To Land Your Next Six-Figure Position, Fine-Tune Your Career Goals, And Build An Accolade-Packed Resume That Hiring Mangers And Recruiters Will Salivate Over

Our team has decades of combined experience working and recruiting for US and International Fortune 500 firms, successful business ventures and professional initiatives. We put that experience to work for you by generating a custom 15 company target starter list and coaching you on how to get your maximum deserved salary.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to start attracting the attention of hiring managers, get more interviews, and start landing more job offers now.

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