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There is a very broad range of compensation depending on your type of work. Every job and career has its own unique qualities and level of expected income which depends on factors including location, relevant work experience, education, and special skills.

Some interesting facts:

  • A truck driver earns almost twice as much as construction workers.
  • Oprah only needs to work one hour before she can buy a house
  • The highest paid surgeons specialize in orthopedics.
  • A teacher needs to work 11 minutes to buy a burger.
  • Web developers, Nurses, and Firefighter fall within a similar pay scale.

Try our interactive infographic that allows you to compare your salary with popular professions in the United States, see the value of your time, and evaluate purchasing power. Find out how long it takes to earn a burger, top performance running shoes, a flat screen television, a new car, and even a home.