Are you good at fixing just about anything? Do you love building things with your hands? If you answered yes to either question, you’re probably what most people refer to as a handyman.

You may have done a few jobs around your house in the past, or you’ve probably helped out your neighbors when they needed assistance with a home project. If this is the case, and if you possess the right skills, you might want to consider taking your handyman hobby to the next level.

Most contractors start out as handymen. And believe it or not, you can easily make a six-figure career out of a contracting business if you live in the right community, produce quality work, and know-how to market yourself.

If you’re interested in taking your hobby to the next level and making a living from it, the following post will help to get you started.

Getting Jobs

There’s nothing wrong with starting off small. And if you’re going to begin a new business in the contracting world, this is where you’ll have to start from.

But starting off is much more about making the right first impression than it is landing a high-paying job. And your appearance has everything to do with your first impression.

For example, if you go to meet your first prospective client at his or her home and you pull up in an old rust bucket billowing exhaust, chances are your first impression is already gone down the drain.

While your trusty work truck might get the handyman jobs done, you’re going to need to upgrade if you want to land quality clientele. And you can do this by renting a work truck instead of purchasing a new one.

Additionally, you can rent many kinds of trucks. You can even rent a work truck with a towing package for that big job you hope to land. And when you pull up to the job site, chances are your first impression has already been made before you step out of the door.

Marketing Yourself

If you’re going to be in business for yourself, you’re going to have to learn how to market yourself as well. And while this isn’t the easiest thing to do when you first start out, a few traditional methods should get you going.

In today’s world, most businesses have online marketing strategies. But as a beginning contractor, you first need to establish yourself within your local community. And this is crucial for relationship building, which is a must in the contracting world.

Getting yourself out there into the local community and networking with local business leaders is going to be the best foot forward when you begin to market yourself.

In fact, being a handyman, you may know of others in your industry that can assist you with making contacts and landing clients. Remember, it never hurts to ask.

Build a Portfolio

If you’re just starting out, nobody is going to hire you if you have no work samples to show them. And this is why documenting your work is going to be critical to landing your first few jobs.

Maybe you’ve built an entire home by yourself, or perhaps you’ve done landscaping work and the like. If so, taking quality pictures of your work and building a portfolio, even if these are small jobs you’ve done for friends and family, can add to your work portfolio.

Document everything you’ve done with quality images, and bring this along with you whenever you speak with a prospective client. Even if they’re not the biggest jobs, something is better than nothing.

Starting your own business can be an overwhelming experience. But if you’re confident in your skills and proud of what you do, this is the perfect foundation on to build your business on. And all you have to do is go out there and land those jobs.