Ask any jobseeker – a well-managed job search can be more work than a full-time job. First, there is the writing and tweaking of multiple resumes and cover letters, then the scores of emails to recruiters and hiring managers, and finally the meticulous organization it requires to keep track of all of the applications you’ve sent out. It can be exhausting. Managing it all on your own can frazzle even the most Zen jobseeker since there is no such thing as a day off when you really need a new job.

To lighten your load, we’ve compiled a list of the best tech tool for jobseekers. Think of it as a TGIF for your job search. From perfecting your cover letter and resume, to organizing your appointments to prepping for those coveted interviews, these tools will help keep you on point and organized as you explore the next phase of your professional life.

Best tool for job search management:

Keeping your job search organized can be a job all its own. To simplify the process, ditch the spreadsheets and download Rake, a tool that allows you to corral all of your job search data into one location. Using your iPhone or web browser, use Rake to organize which jobs you applied to and on which job boards, and set reminders for when to follow up or submit applications, so you never miss a critical deadline.

Here’s how it works: On your iPhone, download the app and when you see an interesting job posting, just tap the iOS share icon and save the job to Rake with one click. Use an Android? Use Rake through your web browser by installing the Rake Google Chrome Plug-in. Rake also allows you to add attractive opportunities manually so that you can track any unadvertised jobs that may come your way through your professional network. And, if you tend to email job ads to yourself, you can email the links instead directly to your Rake account, which adds them to your “Saved Jobs” list.

Best tool for job search guidance

The MPR Edge app is a lifesaver for jobseekers who need step-by-step guidance in their job search. Available on Google Play and via the iTunes Store, this app is a lifesaver for jobseekers who may be trying to figure out how to position themselves in the job market. MPR Edge is designed to help jobseekers define their strengths by helping them to formulate their unique value proposition and create a professional summary. It also walks user through the hiring funnel and gives tips and tricks for getting past an applicant tracking systems (ATS) in order to get their resume and cover letter into the hiring manager’s hands.

Best tool for getting your resume past the ‘bots

Ninety percent of large companies use an ATS to search for qualified candidates from large applicant pools. While ATSs are great at helping employers quickly analyze resumes and CVs for key words and phrases, they can just as quickly eliminate jobseekers from the pool of applicants. Enter Jobscan, which is designed to help applicant rise to the top of the candidate pool with its algorithm that looks for common patterns between your resume and the job ad to which you’re applying. Just paste the text of your resume into the website, then paste the text of the job you’re applying to and the system will show you which hard skills, soft skills, and buzzwords match between your resume and the job description. Jobscan then provides tips for the words and phrases you should include in your resume for a better shot at getting an interview.

Best tool for networking:

Networking is still one of the best ways to find a job, but some people simply don’t feel comfortable reaching out. The LetsLunch app is a great tool for people who need to network, including jobseekers or those who may be exploring a career change. Think of it as a personal assistant that is designed to manage all of your appointments. The app’s dashboard houses all of your in-person meetings – lunch, coffee or drinks – all in one place. Quickly glance at your list of meetings and their status [accepted/canceled/rescheduled] without having to go to multiple places – calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn, or emails –  to check your meeting requests. Plus, if you find yourself unexpectedly free because of a layover or canceled appointment – LetsLunch has an instant meetings feature that allows you to arrange last minute appointments to make every moment an opportunity to network.

Best tool for resume creation:

My Perfect Resume is a resume builder and step-by-step wizard that guides users through an easy process to create a professional resume section-by-section. Jobseekers can use expert text samples, tips, and pre-written content to make their unique resume shine. My Perfect Resume separates itself from its competitors with its personalized user experience. Those jobseekers looking for their next great position can choose a customized resume design based on not only the job they seek, but also their experience and education. What’s more, the tool provides jobseekers with a list of personalized keywords that recruiters will expect to see on a resume.