If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, you probably understand the fulfilling sensation of climbing up the ladder. Although it may seem everything’s getting better the more you go up, it may not always be the case.

You’ll find new circumstances, meet new people, and face new experiences, not to mention the possible increase in your workload and duties weighing you down. It may seem overwhelming to go about promotions in this manner, so let’s pull out our well-known pros and cons list!

We know you probably wish promotion is as easy to handle as this custom writing website that literally does the hard work for you! But there’s no easy way around it; you need to carefully weigh the perks and downsides to choose your next steps. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Pros of Being Promoted to Management

Easy Transition

Advancing in your original organization is made to be a smooth process. No matter what stage you’re on, your duties, actions, and company’s mission stay relatively the same through all of them.

While climbing up the so-called corporate ladder, you’ll face the expansion of the original brand identity, but the essence stays the same. That makes the process smooth, as you already know what to expect, and you could guesstimate what to do!

Career Advancement

Every life’s opportunity to advance is the one worth taking, especially in the career world, where your progress and successes are measurable and visible. Growing in your career impacts many, and the work you do will become increasingly specialized. Also, we can’t but mention the subjective feeling of being on top of your business and feeling triumphant.

Control Over Your Work

The closer you get to the management waters, the more control you have over what you do. You can pretty much decide how much workload you’d like to take and how you’ll go about it. You’re much more autonomous, and you can fix your own schedule and your duties more comfortably. Who wouldn’t like that?


Making decisions is familiar to every ladder step in every business, company, and firm. However, the weight of the decisions you make increases as you move towards management. By that, we don’t mean that each and every decision a company puts forward is lightweight, except those in the higher managing levels.

It’s just that specialized managing decisions involve many more people, employees, and situations. This one could be both a pro or a con, depending on how well you make and stick to decisions. But we assumed you’re a natural!

Attractive Pay

This is the one that probably first comes to mind when you think about promotions of any kind. The chances are you’ll get paid a lot more in the management circles, but your workload will increase accordingly. Don’t let that discourage you; extra work will be no problem if you love what you do.

But you’ll think about that later on. For now, imagine what’d you do with all the extra cash. However, as with anything in life, there are two sides to this, and carefully examining both before taking action is vital. Let’s see the not-so-good sides of being promoted.

The Cons of Being Promoted to Management

New Relationships

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll meet new people and develop new relationships. New coworkers, supervisors, and clients will fill your life overnight, and it’ll seem you’re working for a completely different company. The downside of this can be not liking your new crew or feeling you don’t belong. We’ll explore that idea later on.


This is a big one. Many promotees experience jealousy on a daily basis. When delivering the promotion news to your coworkers, you’ll probably notice some of them not sharing your excitement to the fullest.

Jealousy usually extends in many ways, not just to your coworkers and possible clients. Your spouse or family members may feel happy for you at first, but it’s natural for some jealousy to surface. Another problem that may arise is the new dynamic in the household, as you’re more likely to work long hours.

New Locations

Your new position may require you to travel a lot more. Well, this is definitely a pro, you may think. But consider this: flight delays, old hotel rooms with noisy neighbors, jet lag, constant meetings, and being away from your family – all while the workload stays the same.

It’s overwhelming just to think about it. Of course, if you love traveling and don’t mind the occasional flux, this is a big perk of being a manager. Just get ready for a challenge.

Doubting Your Abilities

This is the biggest problem for many managers. Even the most confident ones usually faced it a couple of times in their career. Once you’re in a new place, working on new projects, and meeting new people, you may feel confused and overwhelmed.

It’s perfectly natural to get some stuff wrong the first time. But don’t doubt your abilities over it; instead, use it to learn something new and grow from it in the long run.

Impostor Syndrome

We’ve mentioned a couple of impostor syndrome effects, such as feeling incapable or strange. The general feeling of not belonging or thinking you have to fake your expertise is considered the main consequence of the syndrome.

One way to combat it is by realizing it’s your mind’s way of reacting to new surroundings. It’s panicking and trying to acclimate, so it makes you feel not adjusted to escape the situation. Give yourself time to adjust and make yourself slowly feel comfortable where you are. It’ll go away without you even noticing.

The Wrap-up

Promotions, especially in the world of managers, can be stressful. As we’ve seen, they’re neither good nor bad by default; it depends solely on you to perceive them and act upon them. Make sure to carefully weigh these sides and decide what’s best for you.

By doing so, you’ll create a safe space at work, develop fulfilling relationships, earn more, and beautifully adjust to the new!