Go to your smartphone right now, open up your web browser and type in the career site of a company that you want to apply to.  Search for an open position and have an email alert to sent to you with instructions on how to apply for it.  If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations, you’ve picked a very user friendly/21st century mobile site!

But, alas, the future of mobile job search and apply is coming.  Soon, you will be able to search for a position and apply from anywhere, using any device, on job boards and company career sites alike.  This new technology will no doubt open up more opportunities to job seekers as the world becomes increasingly mobile.  No matter if you’re at your desk at work, in line at a coffee shop, or on a long car ride, positions that fit your skill set and employment needs will be easily searched and applied for in a matter of minutes.  The power will be in the hands of the jobseeker, it’s up to you to make the most of this new and exciting opportunity!

In a February 2012 poll conducted by JIBE, over 60% of jobseekers said that they would search for positions on mobile, and almost 50% said they would apply directly on their phone.

What impact will mobile technology have on your life in regards to your job search?  Six months from now, will you actively search and apply for positions on your smartphone or tablet? To find out more about mobile job search technology, follow Jibe Guy on twitter @JIBEguy