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Are You New to Career Enlightenment?

Job search seems to be one of those taboo subjects everyone thinks about, but never really wants to admit that their thinking about it.

For years, academics have denied the realities of life after graduation and this hurts people. It hurt me, having received absolutely no career guidance after college, I found myself on a very winding career path.

But this path leads me to explore the realities of today’s job search and to offer people a fresh, and facts-driven approach.

Letting go of the old “spray-and-pray” models of job board trolling, I teach people how to leverage social media sites to network their way to their dream job. That’s what you will find in this blog.

Who Is Joshua Waldman

You can read my story here on my Who is Joshua Waldman page and why I’m writing this blog. (And why you should listen to me, ie. the research I’ve done, etc.)

Where Should I Start

You go through a workshop or seminar where they plow through endless lists of websites and resources. Or you find yourself stuck on a blank browser window trying to recall that website you heard about, or locate that article you read.

Feeling overwhelmed is a big problem for whatever endeavor you partake in.

If you’re a job seeker, this feeling can multiply all the other negative feelings of frustration you might already have.

If you’re a career professional, you’re wondering how on earth you’re expected to keep up!

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2. Bring me to Campus

A great way to bring this material to your organization is to hire a professional speaker. You can learn more about my speaking and training programs here.

3. Let Me Help You Build Your Curriculum

I can also develop a curriculum just for your organization to put more accountability and standards on how social media job search topics are delivered.

4. Read These Articles

In the meantime I can at least try to list out as many websites, articles, and resources as I can, which I feel to be the most important for job seekers and the people who support them.

Why is social media so important to finding a job these days?

Personal Branding Help

LinkedIn Job Search Tools and Information

Mobile Job Search

Job Boards

Facebook in the Job Search

Twitter in the Job Search

Personal Landing Pages and Online Reputation

Information for Career Professionals

Information for Students

Information for Veterans

Information for acquiring government jobs

Contracting jobs

(coming soon)

General job hunting advice and resources

  • glassdoor
  • jibber jobber
  • dummies.com (I love their deflecting salary questions suggestions.)
  • Alison Doyle web site
  • shrm.org – to see what the employers are talking about