I recently flew to NYC for a filming with a hot new online learning company called Grovo.com. Their main area of focus is training people on cloud-based apps. Ok, sounds nebulous. But it’s not. Their platform helps you with Google Docs, LinkedIn, Gmail, online etiquette, blogging, wordpress even ebay. Pretty much, they’ll help you learn about anything internet related. And their videos are super high quality.

(i.e. it’s not like finding some Youtube video of questionable authority as a source.)

So when they asked me to participate in their expert series, I was really flattered! By the way, this is a great example of how Twitter can really open up some amazing opportunities for you. They first reached out to me on Twitter. And as I teach people, I took the conversation off-line quickly and was on the phone with these guys in just a few days.

Take a look at the first video in the series. And definitely sign up to their site. It’s free and you’ll learn something new. Here is the link to the full Personal Branding Course.

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