I’ve been reading Tony Robbins’ new book Money: Master the Game, and have been very pleasantly surprised that it’s not just another “How to” financial planning book.

In classic Tony Robbins style, he brings in a lot on the psychology of performance. One of the things he discusses is gratitude. In Buddhism, gratitude is often called the antidote for jealousy. More recent research suggests that gratitude can cause long lasting feelings of happiness, and even cure some mild forms of depression. It’s something I practice every day in the morning, finding three things to be grateful for.

Tony says that with gratitude, there’s no room for anger, blame or fear. For example, when you lose money or a job (or take your pick), when you focus your mind back on what you do have, it’s easier to avoid self-pity and to find solutions to the problem. After losing a job, I might feel hopelessness, or with gratitude take an assessment of the skills and assets I have, and then do what it takes to offer that to the world.

It’s actually very liberating when you think about it.

After reading this passage in Tony’s book, I got this email from a client who recently purchased a profile picture retouch, let’s call him Bob:

Joshua’s book was so helpful, I have been very busy putting away all my job searching materials and preparing to start my new job tomorrow.  He can add me to his growing list of success stories! I solely followed the advice in his book and some from LinkedIn Premium.  My new job is a dream job for me in so many aspects, I just don’t know where to begin to tell you about it.

I am very pleased with my new profile picture that you retouched or perhaps more importantly, the sheer good fortune to have taken Joshua’s book out of our public library six weeks ago.  My story is even more bizarre because the library didn’t have the book I wanted and I took out the Dummies book, just to start someplace. I figured it was better than nothing. I will never forget Joshua Waldman and how he changed my family’s life.

When people ask me why I do what I do, it’s for this reason…to help people like Bob find meaningful work. And I’m grateful everyday to have the opportunity to do this.

Bob went to his library, didn’t find the book he wanted, and picked up my book instead. He gratefully followed my instructions. When he found success, he shared his gratitude with me. Here is someone who can’t be kept down. He’s got the right attitude to weather any storm in life.

So with humility, I say this, it wasn’t my advice as much as his perseverance that helped him get hired. It allowed him to take advantage of not just my advice, but my profile picture retouching service.

FYI, all new members of Career Enlightenment can get their profile photo retouched for a ridiculously low price.

So my challenge to you is this: find ways to apply gratitude to your life. Will it be a daily practice, like I do? Or will you just guide yourself to thoughts of gratitude when life throws you a curve ball?