Anybody who wants to make it in the modern business world today needs to have a plan and a host of skills that can be used across multiple industries. And this is because being in business requires you to reach across industries to understand different markets.

Maybe you’re looking to invest in vacation rentals, or perhaps you’re operating in the tech space and have a great idea for a new app that will change people’s lives across the world.

No matter what type of business you’re in, the skills that you currently have to need to be built upon and honed if you’re going to find a niche and become successful in today’s highly competitive business world.

If you’re about to start your own business or non-profit, the following tutorial will give you a better idea of what skills you’ll need to make it in business today.


Some people claim that you can’t exactly “learn” empathy. And others might even contend that it’s not a real “skill” at all. But don’t be fooled.

Having a sense of empathy and being attuned to the needs and feelings of others is the foundation for building quality relationships, trust, and respect. And without these qualities, your business journey is going to be a rocky one.

Empathy allows you to understand others and to place yourself in another person’s shoes. And when it comes to understanding your target customer, you need to be able to think like your customer, so you can better anticipate their needs, wants, and desires.

Essentially, the better you’re able to create a customer profile, the more fine-tuned your marketing strategy will be. And knowing your customer inside and out through developing empathy can allow you to relate to your customer and become more equipped at offering them what they want and need.

Writing Skills

Believe it or not, many people scoff at the idea of honing writing skills beyond high school or college. And interestingly, barely more than 30 percent of adults, upon leaving school, attempt to improve their writing skills.

And this is a major faux pas in the business world. Because the ability to write effectively, persuasively, and craft cogent summaries or emails is essential for quality and professional communications.

Though you probably don’t need to get a Master’s degree in English or creative writing, you do need to hone your writing skills to the point that you’re confident in sending a letter, an email, or a report to a colleague or a client.

Writing is a skill that we develop for the first half of our lives. And with good reason. Because the ability to effectively write and communicate with the written word is a skill required in all industries across the globe, from restaurants to rocket science.

Oral Communications

Just like writing is an essential skill you need to develop, the ability to speak clearly and effectively in front of a group, with employees, clients, or colleagues is just as essential.

Oral communication isn’t just about giving a speech or about standing in front of someone and speaking clearly. This is about delivering effective communication with confidence, clarity, and articulation.

If you’ve ever had to listen to a pre-shift work speech, you might recall how some managers or supervisors have a tone of arrogance within their speech. Or they may give you the sense of a lack of confidence. And this is because their oral communication skills aren’t as developed as they could be.

Developing your speaking skills is truly essential for face-to-face communication. And you’ll be doing a lot of this in the business world. 

All in all, you not only need to be well-trained in your specific industry, but you also have to have an array of soft skills to enable you to work alongside others and across multiple industries. And if you develop the skills listed here, your chances of success in business will be much greater.