Remote work has been around for years, but it has never been growing in such numbers as it is now. First of all, more new startups choose to run online rather than have a standard office. And secondly, the Covid-19 pandemic left many people no other choice but to work from home.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, life does not stop. New online businesses are created every day, old businesses are still operating, and some companies are expanding and employing new workers. However, attracting and welcoming new employees remotely may be a challenge in some situations.

Luckily, there are effective group communication tools that help remote businesses function more efficiently. Today, we want to talk about welcoming new teammates remotely. Here are some great tips on how to simplify the onboarding process in your company.

Tip #1: Choose a Group Communication Tool

To begin with, you need to choose a good and effective tool for group communication. Write down a list of features that you prefer a communication tool to have.

For example – the ability to send your teammates reminders about tasks automatically. Different workplaces have different needs, and you will have an easier time finding the right tool if you know what you and the team requires.

One of the most popular and effective groups communication platforms is Slack. It currently has more than 12 million active daily users. You can take care of remote employee onboarding in Slack with the AhoyTeam tool developed specifically for this communication platform.

The tool has a specialized template for welcoming new teammates that will help you avoid missing important steps and avoid miscommunicating. Using such a template will save you money and time because the process of manually inputting from various stakeholders will be effectively automated.

This will also give your HR team more time to work on more important processes because they won’t have to provide as much guidance to new employees.

Tip #2: Say Hello on Their First Day

Given the ongoing pandemic, the first time you will talk with your soon-to-be employee is probably through a video conferencing interview instead of in person. Despite these circumstances, you should still do your best and have a proper conversation, including the greetings and welcoming them into the company.

Simple psychological moments and acts of kindness can make your new teammate feel more welcome, excited, and motivated to start working at their new job.

It should not be just the head of a company or human resources department that greets new employees via video conference. Slack has more than 100 applications you can integrate, and an automated welcoming message can make new employee’s day.

Finally, other employees can receive notifications about someone new joining and send their greeting as well.

Tip #3: Use Project Channels

This is a perfect example and explanation of why email simply won’t work for remote communication. When a new employee starts working with your team, you will most likely want that person to get on some ongoing projects that your business is managing. There are exceptions when you hire someone to work on a completely separate or new project.

However, let’s say you want the new teammate to start working on a project with other teammates as soon as possible. It will take time because the newbie will need to get acquainted with the project’s information. And if you were to inform them by email, you would have to forward tons of email threads. These emails are hard to read and can be a waste of time.

But if you want your team to be productive and as efficient as possible, use group communication tools like Slack. Create channels dedicated to specific projects.

This way, you will only need to invite a new employee into a channel where they can see the most important information pinned. Asking questions of other project channel members will also improve efficiency because other members will have the information and can answer quickly.

Tip #4: Create a Channel for Newbies

Starting a job in a new environment can be hard, especially in these difficult times of Covid-19, when things are happening differently than usual. You can boost newcomers’ confidence by creating a separate newbie channel that would function as a hub for building relationships.

A newcomer channel can be a place where you meet other people and invite them for lunch. Socializing outside of work is also an advantage because it helps morale and develops teamwork. It is easier to establish relationships with colleagues if you share hobbies, and a newbie channel could be the place to find out who has similar interests.

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