Working abroad is getting more and more popular nowadays. High demand for specialists in most IT areas offers prospects of decent wages in case of relocation. Today we would like to give you some information about the 7 best countries for IT professionals to live in. 

1. China 

The population of modern China is approximately 1.5 billion people, so you can guess that the citizens of China make up most of the world’s Internet users. There is a vast market of various gadgets, which is replenished every year with new products. With that, there is always a shortage of IT developers in China. 

2. Australia 

There are representative offices of major IT companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in Australia, so it becomes clear that it is the right place for skills development and professional growth. 

3. Cyprus 

Cyprus is known for its high living standards and amicable relationship with foreigners. We should mention that the simplified tax system operates in Cyprus, so many IT companies have offices there. 

4. USA 

When we talk about the IT sphere, the first idea coming to one’s mind is the United States. Though it is hard to go through all the visa processes, relocation to the USA gives us wide career opportunities in the country where initiative and a bright mind are highly appreciated. 

5. Spain 

In Spain, one can expect high wages, while the competition among IT specialists is low. The new digital nomad visa has been finally published and is now available, and foreigners wishing to work remotely from Spain can now start their applications. Many companies, including Social Discovery Group, support the digital nomad culture and provide a range of opportunities for IT specialists. 

6. Germany 

A stable economy, the prospect of obtaining a residence permit, and a huge number of vacancies in the IT area make Germany one of the most popular countries for IT specialists. Now in Germany, a professional immigration program was launched for specialists with education in information technologies. 

7. Dubai 

The city has been a center of attraction for IT specialists for many years. At the moment this location is popular with the owners of technology companies that are interested in relocating their business to the UAE. So, you can find a job in the office or work remotely, for example in the company Social Discovery Group, employing international professionals with a background in launching global products. 

Our pace of life allows building working relations not only within one country – the numerous messengers and social networks help to wash out the boundaries in international communication. Global companies cooperate with foreign partners, and specialists in IT professions have a choice, of where to live and how to perform their work.

The last few years have shown that digital nomads are a specific feature of our time, and they are changing the approach to remote work and business processes at their core. Social Discovery Group appreciates its lifestyle and makes it a part of the corporate culture. It gives a unique opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, being constantly inspired by the culture of different countries.