If you want to build a digital marketing career, you are in the right place. There is a lot of demand across industries right now. That said, there are also many different careers in this area and each varies in terms of aptitude, natural abilities, and skills.

Whether you want to move towards tech, business, and management or creative, you will find various types of marketing jobs in the coming decade. Here are the top careers you should consider if you want to become successful in digital marketing.

Content strategists and managers

Any agency or digital marketing team requires a content manager. It is a role that touches all the different levels of marketing and encompasses so much more than just writing or handling social media.

Content managers understand how to create SEO content and also understand how to organize and manage it in the right manner. They know how the content fits into various subsets of the marketing plan and this content is shared appropriately on the right channels.

Content strategists are in charge of the entire content strategy ranging from blogs, and social media to videos and ebooks and they use the reports and analytics to plan their next steps. They handle teams and work with a range of clients. If you want to transition to the digital marketing industry, this is one position you might want to look out for. 

Virtual reality developers

Professionals who are already in the tech industry and are ready to move toward digital marketing can consider the role of a virtual reality developer. Demand for people with these skills is growing and it will continue to grow over this decade.

In terms of a career, it is a blend of creativity and technology so individuals who have an interest in these areas should consider it. Most professionals who enter the field come from games, design, or a programming background and have all the necessary skills for the role.

The gaming sector is a key industry for VR professionals but even other industries like retail, construction, education, and architecture are using VR to create immersive experiences. The technology is also used across digital marketing campaigns to improve customer experience. 

SEM/SEO specialists 

SEM and SEO are essential for digital marketing campaigns and individuals with knowledge or digital marketing experience can earn significantly well in this field. According to BANG! who provides SEO for contractors, “search engine algorithms are always changing, it is important to stay up-to-date and understand how they work.

E-commerce sites and many businesses depend on website traffic for profits and the right SEO strategy can make all the difference.” Since all businesses want to rank high on search engine results, they will need people who have expertise in the area.  

UX Designer

A user experience designer is responsible for the end-to-end development of digital marketing applications and websites. They are professionals who have a technical background and an experience in high-end design.

Their role is to understand the website from a marketing experience and to understand the audiences as well. An important part of the digital marketing industry, UX designers gets the website rolling from the scratch. They drive leads and customers to the website. Most UX designers have a lead role in the management of testing and visual design with an eye on the usability of the website. 

Digital marketing managers 

Some professionals in this position can make more than $100,000 annually. It will certainly take years of experience but this is the decade to put your skills and expertise to use. A digital marketing manager should grasp what they do in terms of business and marketing strategy.

It is important to have an experience in strategic planning and execution of a digital marketing strategy. Some professionals might also have to work in the financial forecasting area. They should be able to delegate tasks while taking risks and hold strong on their decisions.

Email marketing specialist 

In another area of content development and marketing, an email marketing specialist designs and handles the email sent out by the company. It requires someone who has experience in copywriting and editing. The professional has to write persuasive and effective emails that can lead to clicks, visits, and purchases.

Besides this, they will be in charge of the launches, campaigns as well as PR activities that are based on the database of customer data. It is an effective way to grow a business and database without annoying the customers. The role mainly involves the lead generation and these professionals work with content managers to achieve the results. 

These are a few of the top and high-paying careers in digital marketing for the coming decade. If you are ready to enter the thriving digital marketing industry, check out these career options and see if your skills align with them.