A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet some of the industries top recruiting professionals in San Fransisco, at BranchOut’s offices, for what is known as an “Unconference”.

(I always like to understand how recruiters use social media to find talent, so that I can report back to you on ways you can better optimize your job seeking efforts so that you get found!)

There were 3 rules:

  • No slides
  • No name tags
  • No pitching

These #Tru events are happening around the world are going to change the recruiting industry. Bill Boorman, a Career Enlightenment reader and industry leading recruiting professional has a vision! He has over 25 years of recruiting experience and has single-handedly changed how companies think about social media in the context of acquiring new talent.

It goes with out saying that it was an amazing week.

If you would like to read a summary of the conference and  hear highlights of of the various topics, click here.

Here’s the highlight from my session:

The Social Media Job Search with Joshua Waldman

During the Social Media Job Search tract, we talked about how a good job search is run like a targeted sales campaign, and technology is second to strategy. In many cases the best, and more abundant, jobs are not present on job boards, and so require applicants to network, research and target their ideal companies. Meanwhile, knowing how recruiters and hiring managers can find you online can help you get that random phone call with a killer job opportunity. So be sure you look good online, don’t just spray and pray your resume.

Joshua Waldman is the author of the book, Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.