Originally posted on Dummies.com, from his book Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies (2nd edition)

Twitter is considered the most popular real-time open network. This means that as items are published, they are immediately available for viewing. And you don’t need to “follow,” “connect,” or “request” to see them, making everything posted on Twitter open for you to read.

For job seekers, this is great news because it allows you non-hierarchical access to huge amounts of job information, including postings directly from employers and recruiters.

In order to cut through the fire hose of information and find relevant jobs in your area, use this technique:

  1. Log in to Twitter.
  2. Click on Advanced Search to access the hidden search parameters.
  3. Use one of these words in the field All of these words:
    • Hiring
    • Jobs
    • Jobsearch
  4. Enter your city and state abbreviation in the field Near this place.
  5. Search for jobs. Experiment with different keywords until you get search results you like best.
  6. Click on the gear icon and save your search. You can access this search again by clicking the search box on any Twitter page.