Major life changes can seem daunting. Maybe that’s why we to stay in our ruts. While unemployed, I’ve discovered that a big change can start with just one little step and an open mind. And what I found was that the more little steps I took, the more comfortable I was with the new me. This is the story of how my little network has brought me to a whole new understanding of the meaning of my life. All thanks to being unemployed.

Small Steps

My first step after being laid off (again) was to figure out what I really want. I knew what I didn’t want, so I listed those things. Then, I listed my wants in various areas of life on my whiteboard. It wasn’t enough information to create a solid direction. So I stepped toward an open door and the whirlwind began.

I returned to professional sales training although I no longer had a sales job. I focused on using the system of “finding a good fit” for my career search. I could not anticipate the journey this triggered. The universe was conspiring on my behalf from the start.

My network of fellow trainees quickly began to conspire on my behalf as well. The day I asked for help, I got it. One guy suggested I talk to Joshua Waldman because he helps people find work through social media. I attended two of Joshua’s workshops and then hired him for private coaching.

Joshua helped me with social media and my message. He also helped me realize I needed help figuring out what I really wanted.

So he sent me to Career Coach Sean Harry. Sean was not surprised at my frustration. He’d worked with the jack-of-all-trades types before. We want to know everything and do everything – but specializing is what gets jobs. So Sean sent me home with a bunch of homework – self assessment, career inventory and how to create a hunting strategy.

Joshua and Sean taught me that finding out if I fit a certain job or company was as simple as asking someone who works (or worked) there. Everyone was willing to help.

So I Just Gave Up….Job Searching That Is

Fast forward a few months of soul searching, info-interviews and training of all sorts. Signs indicated I should start my own business to help others find their voices and tell their stories through traditional and social media.

My abilities to write, brainstorm, market and sell combine nicely with the mission of helping others. Yet something held me back. In courses at the Small Business Development Center, I feel frustrated while other people seem excited about their new ventures. A trainer suggests I talk to Energetic Business Coach Noah Brockman.

Interestingly, Noah is the guy who sent me to Joshua at the beginning of my journey. He also suggested the small business training. Noah helps people clear head trash and blocks that keep them from business success. His unique methods work even if you don’t know what is holding you back. Noah’s work gave me clarity, confidence and freedom from old beliefs.

I’m omitting countless other people who have assisted in my transformation during this journey. It seems that everyone I meet has something for me. People, books and education have just fallen onto my path at the precise time. And all of these people and things are somehow linked.

I Feel Like a New Person

Now, the message that Joshua and I created months ago is spot on – not because the wording has changed – but because I have changed and polished myself. I seek lessons and they appear. These lessons built an excitement that I share instinctively.

I could still be angry, asking “why me?” Yet I chose to think positive and take one baby step forward.

One lesson sums up this journey: If you don’t know what you want or how to change, ask for help. You cannot imagine where that little step may lead.