So, you’ve landed a job interview, congratulations! You’re probably feeling an eclectic mix of nerves, excitement and anticipation for the day that’s already fast approaching.

They say that job interviews are up there with some of the most stressful moments of our lives – and that’s in the same class as moving house, getting married and personal injury – so if you’re already feeling a little anxious then don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal!

The purpose of the job interview is to find the candidate that matches the role advertised. They’ve seen your killer CV that was bursting will all the right experience, qualifications and skills, not to mention that it was of course, utterly flawless – check out Scribbr for proofreading services – so now they want to meet you in person and decide if you’re indeed the right person for the role.

It’s pretty daunting, but there are ways you can prepare for your job interview that will hopefully reduce the stress your feeling and help you give a better performance. Read on for 4 ways to prepare for your job interview.

Get some research done

As soon as you have the interview date confirmed, you need to get to work. Researching the company should be your first task. When you show prospective employers that you know what the business has been up to lately, what their ethos is and what they expect from their employees, then they’ll see that you’ve done your homework and will certainly be impressed.

You could also research if they’ve been in the news lately and who their clients are. If you don’t like surprises and you know the name of your interview beforehand, then do a quick search on LinkedIn and take a look at their profile.

Prep for basic interview questions

Again, more research into what you could be asked will certainly calm your nerves a little. You can’t predict specific questions, but you can work on answers to the most common questions like: Why do you want to work here and what are your strengths/weaknesses.

Don’t be afraid to take your notes into the interview with you. It’s perfectly acceptable to do so!

Plan how you’ll get there

If you’re taking one mode of public transport, then make plans to take another just in case there is a delay or a cancellation. If someone offers to give you a lift, that’s wonderful but always have a backup plan in case the plans fall through.

Get familiar with the route on Google Maps and find out where you can park, work out the time it takes to get from the station to the office etc. Get there 10 minutes early in you can.

Think about what questions you want to ask

There will be a point in the interview where you’re asked if you have any questions for your prospective employer. This is your opportunity to shine, to show you’ve done research and to show that you’re really invested in the role. Ask – why do you like working here? Can I progress in this role?

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