It can be difficult to make a name for yourself within your new company. You are the new kid, and many people around you have high seniority. Even if you do have a good idea, you might be shot down because you are not yet familiar with how the company works and how they do things.

There are many ways to prove yourself invaluable to your employers, but for that to happen, you need first to try out multiple strategies:

1. Take on Extra Roles

Ask around what you can do to help out, and you will do two things. One, you will show that you have the drive to succeed. Two, that you are willing to go above and beyond. You also exhibit a few key traits that many companies look for, like great communication, team building, and of course, the go-get-’em attitude. You will also be helping out your fellow co-workers, which is a huge plus and can help make your new job a new family.

2. Learn From Your Co-Workers

There is so much that you can learn from your co-workers, both within and outside of your department. For one, you can learn the tricks of the trade. You will also learn how other departments work within the company, allowing you to improve your collaboration and strategies.

3. Find Smart Solutions

You are on the ground and therefore know more intimately what your department needs to improve. By reaching out and finding the solutions to these problems and then bringing the idea to your manager with a full rundown of the benefits you can be the one who single-handedly improved the company.

For example, say you are looking for great contact center solutions to improve your team’s efficiency and the customer’s service. By showing your manager Sabio Solutions, and outlining how migrating to the cloud could improve your operations, you can boost sales and productivity within your department all at once.

4. Improve Your Own Skillset

Don’t rest on your laurels. Invest in ongoing training yourself. Attend local events in your industry to network and learn from the best, and pick up skills. This can be done either online or in person, but the benefit is clear – you become more invaluable.

For example, if you work within the communications team of your company, you can learn how social media marketing and other forms of marketing to improve how you communicate. Moving up to a more managerial role, you can then work to combine the two more closely so that the customer experience is better than ever.

Proving yourself invaluable to your business is one of the fastest and easiest ways that you can establish yourself and showcase your talent. It is also how you build up the basis to ask for raises or promotions. You might be recommended for a promotion. Either way, going the extra mile is essential for your career and can help you feel fulfilled and valued from the start.

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