So, you’re well into the post-education phase of your life, which means that you’ve been employed and in a job or jobs for some time. You’ve still got ambitions for your career, but they might have taken a ride on the back-burner for a little while as you concentrate on elements of your home and personal life.

However, what are you going to do when your dream top-level job is advertised online? How are you going to sell yourself to employers who’re looking for the very best? This article is concerned with just such questions, showing you what employers look for when hiring for the top jobs.

Education History

As you get older, your grades from high school become increasingly irrelevant. Employers tend not to look at these grades, seeing as they were achieved some ten or more years ago and that you’re simply not the person today than you were then.

However, some of your educational qualifications do matter – and the grades you achieved do get noticed. This is obviously the case for your degree – but it’s also the case for any educational or vocational training you’ve received as an adult. They’re looking for people who sprint at new opportunities to expand their horizons.

They’re also looking for life-long learners: people who are intent on growing their business skills and personal acumen throughout their lives and their careers. As such, you can never really go wrong, when attempting to achieve higher levels of career success, by studying relevant courses and degrees online.

Get your MBA with RMIT 100% online in order to be able to show two qualities to prospective employers: one, that you’re a go-getter who’s willing to study alongside their work. And two, that you’re able to assimilate new information in a self-motivated way. Both are attractive to employers.

Career History

Your past roles are of course of deep interest to employers who are setting out to find the brightest and the best. Here, though, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that some of your experience in lower-level or seemingly irrelevant jobs are in fact looked on with some admiration in the hiring offices of some of the best companies in the world.

That’s because, in the modern business environment, employers aren’t looking so much for refined and perfectly-formed talent. To put it simply, they have a great number of such individuals working for them who’re able to perform to a high level in their roles.

No, employers are looking for creative and unorthodox thinkers – individuals termed ‘disrupters’, who can bring new perspectives to the business world and can truly make an impact on a company. So, in light of this, you might want to include something a little left-field and tantalizing on your resume in order to pique interest in your professional capacities.

Written Information

Whenever an employer goes about hiring individuals, they know they’re going to have to read more than 100 CVs, resumes and cover letters. Sometimes, the volume of individuals applying for top jobs can hit four figures. As such, you shouldn’t expect your written individual information to meet with the eye of your employer for longer than about ten seconds on the first sort of everyone’s CVs.

This is a deeply important insight for anyone looking to wow their potential employers – you’ve got to grab their attention in that incredibly short window of opportunity.

How do you do this? Well, that’s up to you; you might choose to highlight certain important areas of your CV, you might foreground your recent experience, or you might make a well-designed infographic to communicate your skills and journey through the professional world so far.

Whatever method you choose, you should ensure that it’s captivating, inspiring and easily communicated within around ten seconds of viewing time. Those ten seconds are where you either land in a pile of rejects or the pile of individuals invited to interview.

The Interview

You’ve heard a lot of interview tips over the years. Teachers and career tutors have told you time and again that interviews are all about telling your employer what they want to hear, and selling yourself by blowing your own trumpet as much as possible in the short space of time that you have in the hot seat.

While these tips aren’t to be discarded when being considered for the top jobs, you should certainly bear in mind that employers aren’t particularly looking for the ‘cookie-cutter’ individual who gives the same answers as everyone else – they’re looking for someone who can dazzle them with something a little bit unique.

This can be you – you just need to let your personality come to the fore a little more during your interview. There are plenty of ways in which you can do this.

For instance, you can make light of some parts of the interview, and ensure that your interview is a little two-way, with you engaging those who are interviewing you across the table in a conversation rather than a single-direction interview. Smile, be confident in your abilities and feel free to range over many topics in your interview to show your comfort talking in different ways about different things.


The final piece of advice for those aiming at the very top jobs in the world is a clincher: You should have an incredibly well-developed personal and professional profile that can take no criticism from those around you.

Your reputation in your office and amongst those who’ve worked with you before should be squeaky clean, and your appearance should always be well-groomed and carefully assembled.

In short, you need to look and act the part to be offered some of the top jobs in the land. Only by assuming this utmost professionalism can you guarantee that you’re going to be judged more on your abilities than your appearance, and more on your expertise than your conduct.

This final tip is something that you should bear in mind throughout the totality of your career – as you never know when your professionalism will turn heads in your direction when it matters the most.

These tips and pieces of advice are aimed at those professionals seeking the very top jobs – helping them realize their ambitions by astutely planning for their recruitment opportunities.

Guest writers and carefully selected for Career Enlightenment. Thanks for reading!

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