Have you heard all the standard advice about how to get a good job but feel as if it all falls flat? That might be because people have been repeating the same, tired old saws about job hunting and job finding for decades. Is there a smarter, more effective way of landing a position?

The good news is that there are several not-so-common suggestions that can help any serious-minded adult move a step or two closer to securing gainful employment. The general idea behind a product strategy is to make efforts in multiple directions at once.

And, don’t be afraid to invest money in the pursuit, even if you need to borrow. Besides volunteering for community service projects, it’s critical to get expert help with interview techniques, acquire the right clothing, and cleanse social media exposure that could make you look non-professional. Here are some of the finer points of each tactic.


Call a local social service agency, preferably one in your hometown, and volunteer for any open position that suits your skills, preferences, and schedule. Aim to donate between five and ten hours of your time per week and focus on positions that call for interacting with members of the public.

Public service is an ideal way to demonstrate your community spirit, emotional stability, willingness to work as part of a team, and more. The bonus is that you’ll gain numerous skills that transfer to almost any paying job.

Certain hobbies and life experiences that look great on a resume include those related to philanthropy so be sure to update your resume as needed. Finally, don’t forget to use a volunteer job as a way to expand your professional network.

Borrow for Long-Term Benefits

Preparing yourself for the job market, and particularly for in-person interviewing, costs money. Fortunately, it’s an amount you can borrow from a reputable lender.

In fact, after making a detailed written battle plan, you’ll have enough information to sit down and apply for a personal loan that covers your job search costs. Remember that you are actually borrowing for one of the best reasons of all to invest in yourself and long-term career success.

It’s hard to gauge what the ROI is, but it’s very likely a high one. What will you need money for? The three main things are getting interview advice, adding core components to your wardrobe, and redoing a resume from scratch.

Get Interview Coaching

Pay for several in-person or online interview coaching sessions. In about three hours of total interaction, a skilled coach can show you how to put your best face forward and avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Shop around for coaches who specialize in the field that interests you and don’t sign any long-term agreements. Ethical coaches have industry certifications and charge per session.

Dress Right and Clean Up Socials

Consider hiring a clothing consultant for one shopping session. The cost is affordable, and you’ll get powerful advice about how to dress for an interview. When you contact a consultant, be sure to let them know your clothing budget.

That way, they’ll know which stores to visit when you make your buying trip. As long as you’re cleaning up your image, scour your social media accounts and remove potentially troublesome photos, videos, and content.