Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…if you’re not a savvy social networker, it can be overwhelming to continually hear that you should hop on the social networking bandwagon in order to land your next job. Which tools are really worth your time, and which ones might not be so beneficial to your career?

According to this infographic by Jobvite, one in six Americans found their last job through an online social network. Facebook is receiving 44 percent of the job seeking activity, followed by LinkedIn (26 percent) and Twitter (23 percent). ‘Super socials’ (highly-active users with more contacts than the norm) found even more success with online social networks: 28 percent found their last job through social networking, and 85 percent of those used Facebook. Additionally, in this infographicbyMBAOnline.com, 18.4 million Americans said that Facebook got them their current job.

Surprised that Facebook tops the list? Although many job seekers don’t think of Facebook as the best place for professional networking, many forget that their most engaged network is actually on the site, as opposed to LinkedIn and Twitter. While you may be connected to more professional network contacts on other sites, you may not have as strong of a relationship with those people — and networking is all about relationships.

Here are several tips for using Facebook during your job search:

  • Fill in your professional information. It’s likely that some of your “friends” don’t even have a clue what you do for a living. Share past positions on your profile and provide links to your professional portfolio or website.
  • Update your status about your job search. People are willing to help…if they know what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ll find out that your mom’s cousin actually knows someone at the company you’re interviewing at. It never hurts to find out about connections like these!
  • Message people to learn more about their company. If you’re interested in working somewhere (or have applied for a position there already) and one of your friends already has a job at said company, message them. Take the opportunity to learn more about the organization, all while strengthening your connection with that individual.

What social network has been most beneficial in your career? Do you agree that Facebook is the best social network for job seekers?