Businesses and business operations have come a long way in the last century, and even the last two decades have seen them evolve at an unprecedented pace. Before the advent of the internet and developments in IT, business functioned very differently.

Communication, for example, was mainly facilitated through phone calls and faxes, but now emails are undoubtedly the favored method. Establishing a new business was an expensive ambition once. But now, as Foundr proves it, you can start your online business with less than $200

IT has been the key driving force behind the majority of major changes in businesses, and this trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future. As such, here are some of the reasons IT will be integral to the future of all businesses.


With job advertisement websites popping up all over the internet, it is easy to see how IT has already changed the recruitment game, allowing people from all over the country (and the world) to easily apply for the job they want.

This has made the recruitment process faster in general, but it will continue to change. It is likely that interviews will be more frequently held using online video call platforms like Skype, allowing candidates from much further afield the chance to apply for their dream job, and allowing employers to choose from wider candidate pools.


As previously mentioned, IT has revolutionized communication both internally and externally within businesses. Departments can stay connected with each and every other department, as well as contact clients with much greater ease, increasing both efficiency and productivity.

Now there are numerous team collaboration platforms appearing which will likely incorporate the likes of AI, VR and the Internet of Things in order to help further advance collaboration and communication within businesses. Such platforms will likely become commonplace in businesses of virtually every kind in the near future, given that they hold such an incredible amount of value to business processes.

Virtual Reality

Whilst it may seem futuristic, virtual reality (VR) has been around for quite some time now, and it is slowly being incorporated into the operations of some large companies, and for good reason. This innovative technology has the power to construct a virtual world in front of the user’s eyes, allowing visualization of concepts which have not yet entered the physical world.

This means that clients can get a good idea of projects that a business is working on for them, seeing them in virtual form and being able to suggest any changes with ease. Uses for this cutting-edge software are still being found, and as it develops further it could start appearing in many different business types.

IT Businesses

With greater need and uses for IT comes a greater need for innovative startups and established companies to carry the torch and develop IT further, finding new ways for it to boost productivity and enhance business processes. IT-based businesses are already large in number, but they will likely increase much further as this need for IT-based solutions increases.

It is these businesses which will likely continue to drive change in other industries, and they will be able to make use of the current high tech IT tools to help them develop and release new products to the market exceptionally quickly.

Although IT has been driving change in businesses for an incredibly long time now, it could well be the case the surface is only being scratched, especially given the phenomenal rate of technological advancement that the world is currently undergoing. With this in mind, it is clear that we are entering an incredibly exciting time of business innovation and development, with more possibilities on the horizon than it is possible to count.

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