When you are a sales professional, you know the importance of first impressions. Are you searching for a new sales role in a leading firm? Your sales resume is going to be the first document that potential employers go through while deciding your job application.

As per the perfect sales resume examples, you should design a professional, on-point, and persuasive sales resume. Let us know how!

Whether you are a seasoned representative in the market or a newbie looking forward to breaking into the sales role, you will require a compelling sales resume to capture the attention of the hiring managers.

Tips to Create the Best Sales Resume

When you wish to come up with the best sales resume examples, here are some resume-writing tips:

#Craft Your Pitch Explicitly

At the resume’s top section, you should include a proper career objective. It should serve as a short, catchy summary of the core abilities and skills that you are offering.

Treat the resume objective as the personal sales pitch. If it is not strong, the hiring managers might doubt your abilities. Additionally, they might end up going through your entire resume altogether. Therefore, you should come up with something unique.

To make sure that your resume summary is highly persuasive, regard it just like a sales pitch to some potential client. Therefore, you should highlight your specific skills, abilities, and knowledge spectrum. You would also want to tailor the given section as per the specific requirements of the job application.

The skills that you mention in the resume summary should include relevant keywords out of the job description. Thus, your application will land near the top of the search results of the search engines or the ATS (Application Tracking System).

#Reference Core Sales Skills

When you use keywords from the given job description, it will optimize your application to go through the ATSs. At the next stage, your resume is going to be read by the hiring managers. As you reference important skills in the language of the recruiters, you can ensure that you are a great fit. It will allow your application to advance to the interview stage.

While applying for the job of a sales representative or executive, here are some core skills to include in your sales resume:

  • Client acquisition & retention
  • Product knowledge
  • Verbal & written communication
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Goal setting & forecasting
  • Self-motivation

#Showcase Relevant Results

It is easy to highlight that you have specific skills -like being able to close sales faster. However, it is not necessary to convince the hiring manager that what you are stating is genuine and credible. To get rid of all the doubts, you should support your skills with proper results, examples, actual numbers (wherever possible), and achievements.

When you are serving as a sales professional, you are expected to focus on the overall targets, results, and other significant industry metrics. For instance, you can reference generating revenues, achieving specific targets, and so more.

In the given section, try being as specific as possible. Quantify the achievements or results with proper stats and numbers. This is because potential recruiters tend to understand them better than lengthy sentences.

Some leading sales resume examples are:

  • Averages over $2 million in sales annually
  • Exceeded all targets -resulting in 70% increase in revenue in a span of one year

#Polish Your Resume

Before submitting the sales resume, you should polish the document to make sure that there are no flaws in it. In a typical sales job role, it is of immense importance to pay attention to professional communication. Therefore, your sales resume should reflect the given set of characteristics.

Before submitting the application, take some time to proofread the same. You can make use of some grammar tools to check for the precision of the document. You can also read your resume aloud to quickly come across potential errors. To ensure the best outcomes, make sure that your resume is proofread by two other individuals.

#Pay Attention to the Technical & Training Skills

There is a myriad of sales methodologies that prospective recruiters consider highly valuable. Therefore, if you have attended some meeting, conference, or seminar in a particular sales methodology, you should feature the same on your resume.

Even when these training sessions might not be a must-have in your job application, recruiters will be impressed with your commitment to self-learning and fine-tuning.

Sales representatives also depend on the combination of business development, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), communication, networking, and tracking skills to perform the job effectively. Therefore, if you have relevant expertise in these sectors, you can specify the same in your document.


If you wish to apply for a sales job, designing a well-formatted and informative resume is paramount. You can take professional resume writing help to come up with the best results.