In recent times, the job search has been transformed into a process that demands a strong online presence for employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and most importantly, job seekers.

Job seekers everywhere are working to redevelop their job search strategies as the new year rapidly approaches. Building a strong online presence, specifically fueled through a variety of social media platforms, is necessary for those individuals looking to quickly acquire a new position in the new year.

Most job seekers are relatively active on the more standard social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But the changing of the calendar is the perfect excuse to explore the benefits of building a strong presence on some of the latest social media platforms, as well some multimedia platforms that you may have overlooked.

Here are some of the latest platforms that, if used creatively, will benefit your online presence significantly during your search for a new position:


Although it’s considered one of the top social media platforms available today, Google+ is often snubbed by users for other big-name social sites. But it’s important that you take advantage of every online outlet available to build your presence during the job search. The great thing about G+: It packs a lot of unique features that could potentially give you a leg up during your search.

Its latest feature, Google+ Communities, might be one of the best available for building your online presence during your job search. While most might immediately dub it as being an average social networking group — it’s so much more. On Communities, users are provided with a variety of ways to get personal with those that share their unique interests. You can now join public groups related to your interests or start private groups with specific users — all while sharing information, planning events, or hanging out.

High user activity on social forums is a key aspect of a building a strong online presence, and properly utilizing Communities can take your forum activity to a whole new level. Consider creating a community for your industry, sharing topical information with other insiders, and creating meaningful conversations in a forum-setting and via live webcam conversations.

This will most certainly set you up as a thought leader within the niche of your industry, as well as positively present you to potential companies and recruiters across the globe.


This new social network is a culmination of a variety of features offered by other big name social platforms, but with a twist. Pheed was designed for users to be able to share all forms of digital content for free or at a premium — this means users can actually earn money on this social platform. This can be done either by applying a monthly subscription fee to their channel, or setting up a pay-per-view live broadcast event.

Pheed’s slogan, “Express yourself,” should act as words of wisdom for job seekers. While earning a profit might not be your motive, Pheed can act as a unique place to start and partake in conversations related to your career field, as well as job seeking. Since it’s known for its multimedia capabilities, a job seeker on Pheed could post their video resume, as well as a digital overview of their portfolio.


Building your social presence sometimes means thinking outside of the box. A great way to stand out from other job seekers in your industry is by utilizing the latest platforms to showcase your expertise — sometimes in unconventional ways.

The free iOS app and web service known as Snapguide, is a social platform created for sharing step-by-step “how-to guides.” Sounds pretty handy, right? By using the iPhone app, users have the ability to take pictures and videos of their projects. In addition, users can add captions and share with the Snapguide community.

As a job seeker, you might be wondering how this specific platform could benefit your search. Fear not–building your online presence can often be specific to your niche specialities. If you’re a teacher, artist, designer, chef, or just creative in general, sharing informational how-to’s is a great way to set yourself up as a thought leader within your niche.

With so many social platforms available today, it’s easy to not be consistent from site to site. During the job search, it’s important to have social platforms that are seemingly cohesive when viewed by hiring managers and recruiters. This allows for potential employers to see and experience the overall personality of a candidate.

Job seekers looking to convey a consistent and effective personal brand throughout their search should consider utilizing This site offers registered users a simple platform to house all of the links to their multiple online identities. Users can add links to their many social platforms, as well as to their relevant external sites like their online portfolio or even projects they’ve worked on.

Building your online presence in your job search should be a priority in 2013. Utilize a variety of platforms to share the story of your skills and experiences. These four social platforms are a great way to leverage your knowledge, expertise, and creativity to present yourself to potential employers.

How do you plan to build your online presence in 2013?