Your chances of finding a job are higher if you can get the word out that you’re looking to more people and give more employers a chance of finding you. This is why being on social media can be of great benefit when you are job seeking.

In the infographic here, presented by, you will understand the benefit of using social media effectively and how it helps when you’re searching for a job.

One of the best sites to use is LinkedIn. Establish a professional profile on the site, and future employers can view your education, skills, experience and more. You will need to update your profile every time you gain more experience or gain another skill.

You can post articles you’ve written on topics of interest in your industry that may be read by a future employer. Following companies where you’d like to work on social media means you will learn more about the company and see jobs as soon as they’re posted.

A link on your resume to your social media accounts, such as your Twitter account, can show that you know how to use social media to your advantage. Of course, your social media accounts can put future employers off as well if they reveal a trail of drunken debauchery and more. When looking for a job, it may be worthwhile to create separate professional profiles on social media accounts to use for job seeking and networking.

Participating in online forums that relate to your industry can also be helpful. You never know whether someone following a thread may be impressed by your grasp of a subject and want to employ you.

A presence on social media and a network of professional contacts means that you have more opportunity to find out about jobs that may not have been advertised. You could be head-hunted by a company due to your impressive profile.  If someone in your network works at a company where you would like to find employment, you can ask them for an introduction.

A strategic approach will work better for you than just putting out the message far and wide that you’re looking for a job. You may come across as desperate, and that could make future employers run a mile.

You need to pay attention to all the finer details when using social media for your search, such as using professional profile pictures. A profile picture that shows you in a revealing dress or swimwear may put off possible employers.

Check out the infographic below for more tips.