When they get on the verge of graduation, college students are overwhelmed by the opportunities they will have to explore. They will need to present themselves to several potential employers and leave a positive first impression. The journey of job hunting can become much more productive with digital resumes and portfolios. The following online tools will help you create game-changing job application documents.

LinkedIn Portfolio Feature

LinkedIn is one of the most influential professional networking websites out there. However, a simple profile won’t attract as much attention as a visually-intriguing portfolio. Use the portfolio feature to showcase your skills and qualifications, including high-quality images, intriguing videos, creative presentations, and more.


The visual features of your digital portfolio and resume will leave a great impression, but it’s still very important to write good content. If you cannot write clear and captivating content, then you can rely on the writers on this website. The certified resume writers at essay writing service NinjaEssays.com deliver top-notch content customized according to your instructions.


Infographics are fun, informative, and beautiful. Based on the data imported from your LinkedIn profile, Vizualize.me will help you create a customized infographic that will give you an advantage over other job candidates. You can use a wide range of tools to showcase your experience, skills, and interests through an infographic.


At this website, you can create your own digital page that will present your assets, strengths, and academic accomplishments. Your personal homepage will set you apart professionally and enable you to share a digital business card within seconds.


This online service enables you to create a one-page portfolio through a simple drag-and-drop automatic layout engine. You can present your academic achievements and work experience through text, videos, photos, and documents that will back up your claims. You can see what other users of Populr.me created to get inspired when creating your own page. Then, you can share your digital portfolio via email and social media.


This tool is specifically designed to help students showcase their skills, knowledge, and interests through portable and exportable certificates. You can create your personalized learning portfolio that will showcase your achievements. Each certificate you earn can be added to LinkedIn with a single click. Your Accredible profile can include videos, documents, photos, and endorsements, so make sure to add as many details as possible.


This elegant, simplistic online service enables you to show who you are, what you do, and what skills you possess. If you don’t know how to market your talent, this is the website you should turn to. You won’t be distracted by any unnecessary features, so you’ll be able to pick the best examples of your work and showcase them to potential employers.

It’s never too early to create a digital resume!

Throughout your college studies, you have a certain feeling of safety knowing that you’re working towards a career that would make you feel accomplished in the future. However, the time of personal crisis comes when college graduates realize that the job market is more competitive than they ever imagined. There are tons of opportunities out there, but it will be difficult for you to stand out among hundreds of other applicants.

Creating a captivating portfolio or resume before you graduate will prepare you to face the challenges of the real world. There are great online services that help you present yourself as the best candidate for the jobs you aim for. Don’t wait too long before you start exploring the 7 tools listed above.

Robert Morris is a content writer from NYC. Loves reading, online education and yoga. Find Robert on Google+!

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