This is a fate that, unfortunately, any job seeker can succumb to. You enter the search determined and passionate about landing your dream job, and with good reason – it all seems so within reach. Then the job rejections, interview cancellations, post retractions, and the inevitable post-application ghosting begin to happen.

Your determination depletes, and with it, so does your confidence and morale. It’s not exactly the boost you need to keep on going. But, if this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to pick yourself back up and get back to the job hunt. Keep reading and let us show you how it is totally possible to do just that – because, trust us, we’ve been there too.

One Rejection Doesn’t Define Your Worth

This is a bitter pill to take at the time, but with hindsight, you will be able to see that one rejection doesn’t set the president for all your future applications.

Think objectively, and remove the emotion from the situation – which is hard when passion is involved. If you need an absolute boost, read up on success stories from celebrities who didn’t get their break first-time, like JK Rowling, for example.

Keep It Real

Of course, if rejections are happening too often, and for the same reason (a lack of experience), you need to alter your job search for a less senior role.

Only you can select what you apply for, so if you are going after jobs that are above your skillset, it’s only you that’s stopping you. Learn how to turn the rejection into a personal gain. The sooner you rectify this issue, the sooner you can get hired at a level you feel confident and comfortable with.

Be Persistent

It’s easy to feel deflated following bad news, but persistence is key when job seeking. Don’t let one result affect the rest of your search – because the one day you don’t check the job board may be when your perfect role is listed.

You can’t afford to miss out just because one company doesn’t think you’re their best fit – but that doesn’t mean that the next company will think the same way. Grit your teeth, and carry on – fuel your determination with fresh tenacity and just keep going.

Switch Things Up

If you aren’t getting good results from either your CV or covering letter, have someone else read over them to get a second opinion. There may be a line that doesn’t read well, or comes across as too brazen, and by making a small tweak you could alter your chances significantly.

Your opening documents are all you have to make a first impression, and if they aren’t translating well to a potential employer, you are effectively closing the door on yourself.

Open up to a trusted friend and get some feedback – it may be odd to begin with, but it’s better to get this done before you start sending your materials out and get hit with rejections that have the ability to dent your morale.

Remember You’re Not Alone

You are not the first, and unfortunately, won’t be the last to receive a job rejection. It can be crushing, especially given the amount of work and preparation that interviews, trials, and workshops involve, but you cannot let it win.

If all your friends are in employment, seek out people in a similar situation to you via LinkedIn’s Community feature. The forum is a place to discuss how an interview went, what it means when you don’t hear back from a job, how to write the best cover letter, and any other employment-related topic.

It’s good to have a community around you to help support you, and having people who are going through the same thing at the same time is a great comfort.

You’re not alone in the job hunt – so make sure you express however you are feeling, and never let it get the better of you. When you find a position that is perfect, you can look back on this process as a valuable character-building time.