I came across this new job searching tool online and just had to let you know about it. Some of their resume designs have been featured by top execs. The pricing structure makes sense and the design is modern. Here’s my product review for EnhanceCV:

Enhancv is an online resume building platform that stands out from others with its unique and advanced design, sections, and functions.

It encourages each user to provide quantifiable details about their experience, achievements, and other tangible information. Users are also able to include custom sections to reveal their personality. For example favorite books, quotes, and passions, to show that they are a perfect culture fit to a particular company.

Research proves that such resumes are more likely to get hiring managers’ attention. Why should you give it a go? Let’s check out the current features of Enhancv platform.

How to get started?

Enhancv design is user-friendly and intuitive in all aspects. Once you sign up, you can begin the process of creating your resume. All you need is listed in the left-hand side menu. You can choose the sections, layout, font, colors and background you’d like to try out.

How much does it cost?

Enhancv comes in with three plan options. Free plan with basic features, Pro plan split into Monthly ($14.9) and Yearly plan ($143.04), Student ($2.9/monthly, billed annually). If you start using the platform in an unpaid version, you can decide later whether to upgrade your account or keep using it for free.

What’s different about Enhancv?

  • Human centric sections

Let’s begin with the sections. Enhancv differs from other builders with the human-centric sections such as: ‘’My Books’’, ‘’Quotes’’, ‘’My Time’’, etc. You can use each section only once. Sections that are not available to the Free plan users, have a padlock icon on them. The ones that have already been used are grayed out.

You can rearrange each text box in a section by dragging it with the mouse. To move whole sections around you need to go back to the left hand-side menu and click on ‘’Rearrange/Edit’’. Keep in mind that the sizes of text boxes cannot be changed.

  • Guidance

Once you start filling your sections in, the platform offers examples to guide you through. It provides tips which immediately indicate what type of information you should consider writing in.

  • Freedom to name your sections

You can rename all sections with your own words. This gives you the opportunity to show your creativity and to stand out from the crowd.

  • Layouts

The platform also offers 3 different layouts. The first one is the standard, a Single Column layout. The second one is the Double Column layout which is great if one wants to fit more sections on one page. It is also more unusual and eye-catching. Users with a significant amount of specific experience can try out the Condensed layout. It enables them to create a one-page resume. (The Single and Double Column layout are available for free, the Condensed one is only available with the Pro package.)

  • Visual components

Users can also choose from many color combinations, fonts, and backgrounds. The platform clearly indicates which ones need an upgrade by displaying a padlock icon next to them. Keep in mind that the color combinations are predetermined and users cannot make their own. They are designed to provide maximum readability whilst complementing one another, though.

When to use Enhancv?

Because of so many options that Enhancv offers, it can be used at any situation. Whether you are applying for a new job, for a scholarship, a course or anything else that requires an outstanding resume.

The icons provide visual cues for the smaller sections and add creativity to a resume. If you desire a more conservative resume, you can opt to hide all icons and visual elements. The platform’s main language is English. Which means that for the moment, the months, for example are only available in English. (Users have the option to hide these default elements and write them manually in their own language).

Try it out!

There are many resume building platforms on the web. It’s important to keep in mind what your objectives are and what results you’re expecting from it before you sign up for one. Enhancv is the only one out there offering a combination of a modern design, human-centric and performance based sections at relevant prices.

For more information about Enhancv and current campaigns visit the blog or  go straight to the main page to begin.