Although the jobs market is showing signs of recovery after a sobering crash a few years ago, the competition for vacancies remains fierce, with only a very small percentage of applications even considered by employers.

People living with disabilities often find it very tough to secure employment, as many jobs would simply be too demanding for their capabilities. Also, a person with a disability could struggle to make a compelling case for himself or herself in applying for jobs, perhaps lacking the self-confidence to truly convince an employer that he/she is fully capable of doing the job.

If you have a disability and you’re searching for employment, it’s a good idea to start by refining your job search to include only those positions which you could perform comfortably, i.e. those with little or no physical exertion and relatively little stress. Once those vacancies have been identified, make it clear in your application that your disability would not hinder your ability to do the job, but instead it makes you all the more determined to triumph over adversity and prove yourself.

Here is an infographic from Burning Nights which contains some very practical pointers for people with disabilities on how to approach the job-seeking process. By finding the right job and making the strongest possible case for yourself, your chances of becoming employed are better than what many might assume.

Getting-a-job-with-a-disability-Infographic (1)