For graduating students, finding a job becomes “Priority One” task as soon as the “graduate” status is obtained. What follows is a quite formalized procedure of sending your resume to potential employers and reaching out to recruiting companies. The latest statistics suggest: 77% of the college graduates admits that college prepared them well. But things might go not as smooth as anticipated.

Are the graduates prepared?

Most of the employers will evaluate the candidate based on numerous factors. Unfortunately, the graduate diploma is only one of the many. Such skills as teamwork, professional communication, critical thinking and research capacities are usually being overrated by the graduate students themselves. Here is where a discrepancy occurs – employers evaluation might go way below student’s personal view of himself.

Quite obviously, graduates lack non-academic experience when they enroll to their first jobs. Though, when it comes to putting effort into your own professional profile – there are a lot of other important skills to emphasize on.

The latest infographic from HandMadeWritings goes through the latest data and beyond – reaching out to HR professionals to find out the secret key for the first-time graduate employment. Here, you will find the list of skills college or university graduate should possess upon the convocation. You will also learn how to formulate the resume that will be admired by employers.

This post first appeared on Handmade Writings on April 18, 2017.