The ballots are prepped — but Election Day is approaching faster than we’re prepared for. The fears many Americans are dealing with surrounding the upcoming Presidential election, both personally and professionally, are certainly valid. Most would describe the candidate options as voting for “the lesser of two evils,” which is causing employees to fear for the future.

Open communication is necessary for any successful business — but especially during this election year. Quantum Workplace — a company with an employee feedback platform designed to make work better each day — created the infographic below looking at what your employees may fear most this political season.

Here’s a look into employees’ political minds:

  • 79.6% of employees will vote this year
  • Half of those not voting said it’s because they don’t support either presidential candidate
  • 30.1% of employees think Clinton will negatively impact their career
  • 48.8% fear Trump will have a negative impact on their career
  • 44.3% of women will vote for Hillary Clinton
  • 34.9% of men will vote for Trump

Discuss what fears your employees have over the 2016 election.


What fears are your employees facing due to the upcoming election? Let us know!