You have just completed your studies and thus feel ready to dive into the competitive job market. Searching for your next job can be a tricky process. In such a fast-paced environment, with thousands of graduates each year, the whole process can feel like a marathon. Even if you are fortunate enough to be called for an interview, you still are anxious as to whether you will impress the prospective employer. As much as people dread interviews, they provide excellent opportunities to showcase your skills and expertise. You get the chance to prove what makes you different from the other candidates. So, how can you seize the moment?

Make sure the interviewer is aware of your capabilities by mentioning your skills as long as they are relevant to the position you are applying for. However, there is a difference between just listing your skills and showing what you are really capable of. For instance, you might mention the number of years you have spent in your industry, your specific role and summarize your successful projects. Such evidence reassures the interviewer of your competency for the specific position you are applying for.

Tips To Help You Sell Yourself During An Interview

  1. Explain how your skills will benefit the company: The interviewer is not only interested in your expertise but also how you will be of benefit to their company. This means that you researched beforehand about the company. You will thus be in a better position to know how to incorporate your skills and expertise into the industry’s core values.
  2. Mention your soft skills: a potential employer is already bombarded with commonly used expressions such as great team player, excellent communication skills, etc as they go through applications. Therefore, in order to add that extra appeal, use less commonly used words to show your soft skills. Emotional intelligence and openness to feedback are some great examples.
  3. Ask questions: asking questions that are relevant to the industry is a sign that you are really interested in the company you want to work for. You may inquire how they handle challenges, and other important questions pertaining to the industry.

Importance of Networking During a Job Search

Networking is not always about collecting numerous business cards as possible. It’s about adding value to the relationship you already have. Instead of looking for contacts only when you are looking for a job, make it a habit to always connect with past colleagues and managers. Avail yourself at various events each year for important introductions.

On the same breath, the importance of your social media online presence cannot be overemphasized. Social media has changed the way employers view you. If you completely don’t have any online presence, then your creditworthiness is doubted. You can use your social media accounts to initiate conversations that test-drive your skills to a professional audience. If your contact has extensive experience in the industry, you can kindly ask for their input on steps to succeed in the industry. 

Stress to Impress

In order to increase your chances of getting hired, you need to stress your strengths. Read the job description before going to the interview and tailor your work experience to the job description. Thus, you can show how your previous skills are transferable to the current position you are applying for.


A job interview can be an anxious experience but with careful preparation and the right attitude you can impress the employer and lock yourself a prestigious position in a company. Your skills and other strengths can be powerful tools in marketing yourself.