Many companies don’t have a problem with their employees working from home. Freelancing gives you an opportunity to have a job while enjoying the comfort of working in a corporate environment. It’s important for your resume to show that you’re competent as a remote worker. The ability to telecommute is an important skill that employers are looking for. Displaying a good record of success and remote work experience improves your chance of getting a good job. Here are some tips to help you:

Highlight It in Your Career Objective

From the beginning of the resume, make it clear that you’re applying for a job that will allow you to work from home. Make your employers understand the pros of working from home. Prove to them that working from home does not mean that you’ll only work when you feel like it. There are a few ways of mentioning this, for example:

  • State remote work in place of city or state
  • State the corporate location of the company when using the state format. However, note in the first sentence that the work is done remotely.

State Your Address as a Remote Worker

If you’ve previously worked as a remote worker, make sure that you state some of the things that you’ve achieved while working from home. State these projects in your work experience section. Remember, a good resume should have more of show than tell. Describe in detail how the past job responsibilities were done while working from home. Don’t forget to provide your address.

Describe Your Home Office Setup

In the work experience section, drop subtle hints about your home office setup. This will show how professional you are. It will also remove the stereotype ideology about how remote workers work in their pajamas while lying in bed typing the entire day. For example, you could mention that you organized social media marketing promotions through your CRM software and VOIP phone that’s connected to high-speed internet.

Explain How You Can Work with Other Employees

Despite working from home, your employer needs to know that you’re a team player. They need to know that in the event you’re put in a group, you’ll be able to associate and work together with other employees with no problem. In the work experience section, highlight how you’ve previously accomplished a task that required a group effort. Mentioning that you were working with fellow remote workers will give you an added bonus. It also shows that you can conduct business in a co-working space.

Build Up on the Skills Section

Simple skills such as being an excellent communicator or being a good manager are excellent skills for other traditional jobs. However, for remote work, they cannot apply. It’s better to display your prowess in certain areas to increase your chances of getting an interview call instead of landing in the rejection pile.

When stating the skills, mention how they will apply for the job. For example, instead of saying good communication, you could say how comfortable you are in using video conferencing. Mention how you’re conversant with chat platforms and use social media to stay in touch with others on the remote team that you’re working with.

Ensure that you have good and compare and contrast topics in the skills section. This will show the employer that remote working is better than going to an office. For example, topics such as working conditions are applicable. Show how working in a comfortable environment that’s safe and familiar will lead to a better quality of work as compared to the usual structured office.

Update Your Online Profile

If the resume is submitted online, make sure that your Linkedin profile is up to date. A Linkedin profile is just like a regular resume but requires more detail.

Just like a regular job, your employer will want to find out about your social media life. They will look into social media sites to see if your name appears. Ensure that your life is private and you’re not tagged in unnecessary posts.


Remember that a resume is what will sell you as a good candidate for a remote work position. Reinforce your credentials with a well-written cover letter that will help your employers see that you’re an asset and you should join their company. Technology is continuously growing. It’s allowing people to do their jobs from the comfort of their homes. While writing your resume, make sure that you’re highlighting the strengths and the advantages of working from home. Show your potential employer that working from home is just as efficient as the traditional, standard office job and probably even better.

So, do you think that in the future we shall all be remote workers? Have you ever worked from home? Let us know in the comments section.