Let me guess – You are an Instagram active user, considering this social network something bigger than a platform for sharing selfies to let people know how cool you are.

Moreover, you are a millennial looking for a job.


Then it’s even higher time to reveal Instagram’s strong potential for job seekers.

Instagram has 300 million active users a month, which makes it one of top 5 social media platforms in the world. Most users here are under 25 years old, which makes Instagram one of the top social media platforms for job search among recent graduates.

With people more attracted to images than texts, employers understand the benefits of Instagram as compared to Facebook or Twitter, for example. Top brands use this network for posting creative job ads to attract job seekers, as well as looking for creative job candidates.

Want to make the best use of Instagram for your job search?

Here’s how:

#1. Understand How Instagram Hashtags Work

We all know that the only way to make people see your Instagram images is hashtagging them. Regular users consider hashtags a tool to improve their networks, while marketers realize it can help them increase brand recognition and build communities.

Two major mistakes you make on Instagram are using irrelevant hashtags or using too many hashtags.

So, if you want employers to find you, deciding to post an image telling everyone you are looking for a job, remember the following:

  • Resist the temptation of using the most popular hashtags in the hopes to reach more people. Yes, #love and #food apply to 100+ million photos, but they will hardly help you find a job if you do math or accounting.

Use keywords associated with your field.

  • Resist the temptation of overusing hashtags with your image. Overloading your description with hashtags is a sign of spam or desperation for recruiters who’ll see your post.

Use up to five hashtags with your image in spite of Instagram allows adding up to 30.

Lifehack: If you want to reach a particular brand who’s hiring, and you want them to see your portfolio, make sure to add a hashtag related to them.

With that said, we come now to the fundamental force of Instagram in your job searches.

#2. Create Your Portfolio on Instagram

If you are a representative of a creative occupation, Instagram is your paradise!

Photographers, designers, stylists, cookers, and writers – they all use Instagram for posting their works, creating a kind of online portfolios which, when hashtagged properly, help employers find them and see who they are.

You can land a job you want through Instagram. Everything you need to do is turning your account into your online portfolio and live resume:

  • Take time to post pictures of your work allowing others to see its quality.
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry and share related pictures.
  • Make sure the quality of your images is good.
  • Research the popular hashtags in your industry and make sure to add them to your image descriptions.
  • Keep all images relevant to your field.
  • Follow other people in your industry to understand how they use Instagram and learn from them.

Images of your hobbies or daily activities can be a good add to your written resume, too. Instead of selfies in the bathroom, take pictures of you while working, volunteering, helping friends, etc.

Lifehack: Make sure your images illustrate the job you want to get. If you are a hairstylist, morning pictures of sleepy you with a shock head wouldn’t be the best promo for a fashionista, would they?

#3. Use Instagram to Nail Job Interviews

They say, there will be 100 million Instagram accounts in the U. S. by 2018. Most organizations use this social platform to display their company culture today, so following their accounts can help you kill two birds with one stone:

  1. It will give you an insight into what it looks like to work there and see if you are a good fit for them. Can you imagine yourself in those pictures (literally)? Do you feel their company culture is what you like and what makes you comfortable?
  2. It will help you stand out during a job interview, deciding on questions to ask the employer as well as answering their far-famed “Why do you want to work at our company?” It’s your chance to impress hiring managers by your deep understanding of their culture and your well-researched responses to their questions.

How to find their accounts on Instagram?

  • Google “company name” + “Instagram.”
  • If they don’t have an Instagram account, big chances are their employees have! Go to LinkedIn, check their “Team” page, choose up to five names, and Google them with “employee name” + “Instagram.”

Scrolling through their feeds, you can find some work-related posts describing what they do, what their company culture is, what they like about team building and bonuses at the company, etc.

For a job candidate, it becomes harder and harder to stand out today. You need all channels to build your reputation, don’t you? Why not think of Instagram as one of them, making the best use of this social network for your job search?