It’s happened to everyone. The panic sets in when you hear a song you love on the radio, but by the time you get home to look it up — the title, tune, and lyrics have all escaped you. It’s frustrating when you discover something you love and cannot enjoy it again.

The same goes for the job search. Think about a time when you saw the job posting of your dreams and before you could recover it to apply, the deadline passed. You emailed it to yourself to apply later when you would have time to update your resume and cover letter, but then the rest of your busy days got in the way and soon you lost track.

For most of us — the struggle is real. Rake — an app that simplifies the job search by allowing job seekers to save, complete, and track applications all from one spot — created the infographic below to show the issues job seekers are running into during the search process and how to create a simple playlist to prevent losing your dream job before you even apply:

  • 87% of job seekers say it’s challenging to keep track of their job search efforts
  • 79% of job seekers think a simple tool that allowed them to easily track job search efforts would be valuable or very valuable
  • Only 37% of job seekers find it somewhat easy to apply for jobs on their mobile device
  • 75% of job seekers say they are likely to save a job post to apply later

The job search process can feel overwhelming to manage and track. Check out the infographic below for tricks on how to make it easier!

Have you ever lost track of a job posting? Let us know!