The best and brightest minds that can contribute to your company will come to you in the form of millennials. You need their innovative minds if you want to match the strength of your competitors. The only issue with finding millennials is that they don’t respond as well to traditional recruiting methods. They’re savvy in different ways, having grown with the evolution of technology. Social media serves as a vital extension of the physical world, and millennials use it to receive their information. Using tools like Snapchat for recruitment will help you locate the candidates your company needs.

Team Up With Popular Influencers

Half the battle of drawing in a Snapchat following you can recruit from is drawing in the right followers. You need to draw people to your business, even if they weren’t previously interested in your offerings. Many corporate Snapchat accounts do something called “takeovers” with popular influencers. People who appeal to the newer generation will essentially take control of your Snapchat for a short period of time, posting content for you. Some of their followers will jump on board, expanding your audience and shaping your persona.

Mondelez built brand awareness by launching a five-day Snapchat campaign with a famous YouTuber Logan Paul pulling pranks on New Yorkers. As you can imagine, that type of playful content significantly expanded the brand’s reach, showing its human face and creating an association that went beyond simple marketing, but could potentially be used for recruitment purposes.

Provide Candidates with an Inside Look

If you want people to want to work with you, you need to showcase the working environment. The purpose of Snapchat is to post exclusive photos and video clips. Taking these photos and videos around your office will give potential candidates a good sense of what the day-to-day working life for your employees looks like. Seeing behind the scenes can increase your appeal, especially if your workplace culture is rich and thriving. Share all the fun moments.

Demo New Concepts Through Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to share your creative process. What do you have in the works? How are the things you do helping to shape the future of your niche? Share small glimpses on Snapchat. Don’t give everything away – just post little teasers that will get the gears clicking in people’s brains. If your projects are interesting, eager candidates may develop an itch to contribute to them. Playing with your concepts on Snapchat draws up interest while displaying your ambitions to candidates who will appreciate them.

Show Things in Real Time

Think about your company events. Things as lighthearted as a holiday party or as sophisticated as a trade expo are important for your business. While the general public doesn’t generally regard these tidbits as interesting, jobseekers do. Posting photos and videos to Snapchat in real time creates an immersive experience for candidates who want to see the inside of your company. Doing this has the potential to inspire them to be there in person for the next event.

Create a Unique Candidate Screening Process

Some businesses use Snapchat as a way to secure interviews by creating novel experiences for candidates. If you’re hiring around an important sales event, invite potential candidates to share themed images with you on Snapchat. Think of these Snaps as small glimpses of a visual resume. Those who leave great first impressions may go on to become valued employees, provided that your accompanying call to action is clear.

GrubHub recently used Snapchat to find a summer intern – the brand created a short photo slideshow which explained how candidates could apply using their best doodle. Taco Bell used Snapchat for hiring interns one summer as well, showing that the medium could have a great potential among younger candidates.

Snapchat can be used for onboarding as well – HireVue is now experimenting with this type of strategy to drive engagement among newly acquired employees.

Remember to promote your Snapchat on your other media profiles. You aren’t going to get very far with the platform if the people you’re trying to reach don’t know you use it.