These has been some buzz on the internet recently about the time-sink risk of using social media and what to do about it.

Recent Forester research reported that 4 out of 5 Americans are active in creating, participating in or reading some form of social media.

If you love being online and in front of a computer, then that’s OK. But what happens when you’d rather not spend so much time Smoozing online?

A recent article in the Miami Herald suggests 4 strategies, I’ll highlight the 2 I think are most relevant to a Job-Seeker.

Setting Boundaries

Task Boundaries Amy Webb, CEO of Webbmedia Group, a social media consultancy suggests task oriented boundaries. Time limits create an uneasy pressure for her.

She starts her internet session with a goal in mind and finishes when that goal is finished

Time Boundaries For some, the time limit strategy works best. In this case, a timer or timer type of application could work. Check out Leechblock.

Checklists This is my personal favorite, which is not mentioned in the article. I like to make a list of all the things I need to do online to maintain and grow my reputation on a daily and weekly basis. I do my daily checklist in the morning and my weekly checklist on Fridays. I will elaborate on this approach in a later post.


For many, social media is a lifestyle. More than just the stereo-type Gen Yer glued to the cell phone, this is a working reality for a lot of people in any generation. Many retired people are drawn to Facebook because it allows them to stay connected with their whole family. Other’s love being in contact with their network, while in line, at the dentists office.

For the rest of the article, visit the Miami Herald.

Are you using one of these strategies and willing to share your experience? Please feel free to comment below.