Seventeen weeks. According to 2017 research from Statistic Brain, that’s the typical length of a job search.

What’s more, their research also found that every job posting gets an average of 118 applicants. The trick is standing out from the crowd and making a real impression with potential employers.

Unfortunately, you are likely overlooking an important factor — your personality.

Personality plays a significant role in many areas of your professional path, You have faced it — or at some point will again — while going through the college admissions process. And now, more and more employers are adopting a similar approach in assessing candidates’ personality traits for a true fit.

The infographic below, based on research by KudosWall, explores the journey both introverts and extroverts take throughout college and their career.

The good news is that no matter your personality, you can leverage specific traits to make the most out of your job search.

Here are some highlights from the KudosWall infographic:

  1. Most admissions professionals favor creativity in online portfolios, college resumes, online presence, and admission essays.
  2. 71% say they’re more likely to accept applicants who convey an outgoing, friendly personality than someone who is reserved.
  3. Only 2% of applicants will be called for an interview for the average job opening.

Check out the full infographic below to better understand how you can showcase your personality to thrive throughout your career.