The job searching process can be quite interesting. On one side, you are stressed out because you don’t have a job and want to use your time efficiently and make some money in the process. On the other side, you are intrigued by the fact that, each day, you find new jobs in tech companies, new skills you can learn during these jobs. You are on a scavenger hunt, you keep on digging until you find the golden nugget.

Nowadays, almost the entire job search process takes place online. That’s where recruiters are, that’s where people are looking when they want a new employee. Here are the 4 most unexpected online tactics to land that job you want.

1. Use Social Media to Increase Your Reach

Social media is a great method of connecting with important persons in the industry you wish to work for. Nowadays, more than half of those who are looking for a job, use social media to find a job. You can use business to business networks, such as LinkedIn or you can use networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Either way, when using these networks, you can showcase your work and you can get in contact with influential people in the industry you wish to work.

2. Take Full Advantage of Your Acquaintances

I’ve seen this trick quite often lately. At first, you don’t know what to believe. Is this some funny way of getting people’s attention? Is this for real? Here’s what happens.

Influential people, with a large reach, such as C-levels or Senior roles, post these messages on their social networks, especially on LinkedIn.


My name is X. I’ve noticed I have quite a few recruiters and managers on my contact list.

The thing is, I have a friend who just ended his collaboration with his company, XYZ LLC. He was a Business Developer for this company and here are his achievements: 1, 2, 3.

In terms of skills, I’d say he has developed these four skills quite good: A, B, C, D.

Right now, he is looking to continue his trip in this industry, in a similar position.

If there are any people interested in his services, let me know and I will send you his CV. ”

This is a message you see quite often nowadays. Basically, you ask for a favor to a highly-influential friend. I guess we all have at least one. Your benefit? You use his image as a slingshot for your job search.

Recruiters, like all of us, are attracted by the unknown. “Who is this guy? What he is capable of?”. This message creates quite some buzz in the HR departments of the companies.

3. Send Proof of Your Work to Companies You Wish to Work for

This might take some time, but the more you work for it, the bigger the chances you’ll lend the job you want. Let’s say you want to work in the Online Marketing department of a big telecommunication or IT company. This is where the salaries have more figures and it’s easy to see why you want to get hired by such a company.

Take a look at every company’s online presence, research the market they activate in, and come up with a plan to improve their online presence. For example, their social media channels might be underused or used in a wrong manner. Create a social media calendar for the next month, make a budget for this calendar, come up with witty content ideas they can implement to increase their engagement.

Especially during college, when you are looking for an internship position, it’s important to use this method. At the time, you don’t have any professional background, thus recruiters cannot evaluate your skills effectively.

Once all this is done, send it to their marketing department and don’t forget to add their recruiter to your CC when sending the email.

4. Contact de HR Representatives

Recruiters mostly use LinkedIn as a network for their recruitment processes. There are millions of people out there, they are unable to go through everyone’s resume. For you to pop onto their radar is best that you are proactive and take the initiative.

Research the market, choose the companies you want to work for and get in touch with their HR representatives. Send them your CV, some proof of your work, and let them know the kind of job you are looking for.


The job searching process consumes lots of resources and nerves, especially during the first years of your professional career. During college, you need to land an internship that will get your wheels spinning. You need to get used to having a job and the responsibilities that come with it. Also, you need to develop the skills needed in your industry.

You should take a look at these 4 unexpected online tactics to land that internship or job you’ve always dreamed of. This is something that your average student won’t think of. Good luck finding that job you want!