When you have landed your first ever job, you might feel like the hardest part is over, but you still have to handle those first days, weeks, and months in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by new people who you need to impress. There are many potential pitfalls but also lots of opportunities to shine and to prove that the company did the right thing by hiring you.

But what are the best ways to do this? If only there was an instruction manual for getting through your first job’s early days with flying colors. Luckily, Budget Direct has come up with one, and here are some of the top tips:

Have an elevator pitch ready

It wasn’t just your job interview where you needed to have a snappy elevator pitch about yourself. When you meet new people at work, there isn’t the same obvious pressure to prove yourself worthy, but you will still want to make a good impression. Keep your elevator pitch to around 30 seconds and make sure you come across as enthusiastic and positive about being there.

Take feedback on board

A new experience you’ll undoubtedly encounter in your first job is when your manager sits you down and gives you feedback on your performance so far. Hopefully, you’ll have worked hard and done well, but there might still be room for improvement, so you’ll need to react in a good way. Make sure you listen attentively, don’t react angrily no matter what is said and questions to help you move forward and build on the feedback.

Ask for help

We’ve all been there. You’re sat at your desk or workstation with no idea what to do to resolve a problem, you’re embarrassed because you feel like people will judge you for needing help. But the worst thing you can do is let that fear paralyze you because it’s much less impressive to waste your employer’s time and money not achieving anything at all. Instead, give it a go and if you really are stuck, find someone who can help you.

You can see all of the tips in this illustrated guide from Budget Direct, which will get you ready to take on the world and get your career off to a flying start.