Videos are one of the most attractive and engaging types of content. Many companies have been utilizing videos to market products, train employees, and even recruit applicants. This article will specifically discuss recruitment videos and their benefits for job seekers.

Recruitment videos are advantageous for both job seekers and companies. Those who are looking for a job can get information about companies they want to join. Meanwhile, companies can attract many applicants and show them their working culture.

Let’s delve deeper to understand what a recruitment video is and how job seekers can take advantage of it while searching for a dream job. Keep reading!

What are Recruitment Videos?

Before anything else, many may still be unaware that recruitment videos exist. This type of video specifically targets job hunters. It allows companies to create their job vacancies more attractive and fancier.

Moreover, recruitment videos are effective in driving expected results by companies. They can promote job vacancies better on online platforms and gather more qualified candidates. 

Any recruitment video a company provides can increase organic traffic, making their vacancies more visible to job hunters. Job vacancy posts with a video icon can generate 34% higher application rates compared to those that don’t. 

However, recruitment videos are not only advantageous for companies. On the other hand, job seekers can also reap many benefits. They can take as much information as possible and create a better resume to convince recruiters. 

Benefits of Recruitment Videos for Job Seekers

For job seekers, the whole process of job hunting is challenging, from looking for vacancies, preparing documents, taking tests, attending interviews, and adapting to a new environment. 

Companies that provide recruitment videos, can lessen the impact of those processes and help applicants to be more at ease. Below are some benefits of recruitment videos for job seekers.

#1. Quickly Find Job Vacancies

As mentioned, videos help recruiters expose their job vacancies to a broader audience. Video content naturally helps strengthen SEO strategy, which makes your job vacancy content more visible on search engines.

Videos help boost content visibility on search engines resulting in higher organic traffic. Moreover, recruitment videos will also be best for LinkedIn, which is a pool for global job seekers.

Another surprising number is that users on LinkedIn are 20 times more likely to share videos than other types of content. Job seekers can quickly find job vacancies whether they look for specific keywords on LinkedIn’s search bar or through their LinkedIn timelines.

#2. Easily Get Information

Companies typically put vital information in their recruitment videos, such as job requirements and recruitment timelines. Sometimes, companies also create more valuable content for audiences to attract them and show companies integrity.

Applicants get to know their job desks, work cycle, and benefits. They can decide whether the companies’ regulations and offers match their preferences or not. Recruitment videos also enable them to quickly scan a bunch of job vacancies to eventually landing applications for some.

#3. Grasp the Company’s Cultures

Recruitment videos come in many types, and one of them is the company culture video. Recruiters create company culture videos to attract job hunters to submit their applications. Company culture videos should show how employees work and behave in the office or remotely.

Therefore, applicants can see and learn about their future company environment. They can grasp whether they fit into the circle or not. Job seekers and applicants can prepare themselves better and help them be less anxious about what’s coming their way. However, it is necessary to note that a company culture video may not represent the whole working environment. 

#4. Know the Big People in the Company

Recruitment videos may also include the introduction of significant people in a company, including their positions and roles. Many recruiters also show the organizational structure to improve brand awareness.

Furthermore, that information is very helpful for job hunters to study the companies they want to land applications to. It is also a useful source for them to learn to anticipate recruitment tests or interviews.  

Knowing vital information about a company can be a plus point during job interviews. Applicants can leave a better impression on recruiters or even more significant people in a company.

#5. Upcoming Job Desks

Stating employees’ duties in a recruitment or presentation video is necessary for recruiters. They allow job hunters to know what kind of job they will do and the responsibilities they need to bear. So, those looking for a job can prepare their applications optimally.

Job hunters can revise their job applications and resumes before landing one. Their documents should match the company’s requirements they want to approach. They can revise their resumes or recreate job application letters according to the company’s needs.

Types of Recruitment Videos

You may find some types of recruitment videos while job hunting. Below are some types of recruitment videos used mainly by companies to attract applicants.

Corporate videos or Company Culture Videos

This type of recruitment video showcases the company’s overall environment and working culture. Some companies also state the benefits they offer job seekers to attract them to landing application letters.

‘A Day in My Life’ Videos

‘A day in my life’ videos are a more personal approach to showing certain roles. A company uses the first point of view through one of its employees. For example, ‘a day in my life as a product manager’ or ‘a day in my life as a business consultant.’

Interview Videos

Interview videos typically include significant people or C-level executives in a company. They will tell the story of how they climbed to their current positions. However, interview videos may also include subordinates to state what kind of roles they do and the benefits they get.

Team-Specific Videos

Team-specific videos show particular teams that a candidate will be working with—for example, the digital marketing team, creative team, production team, or others. The aim is to give candidates exposure to the field they will be working in.

Wrapping Up

Every job seeker should consider a recruitment video as their legitimate source of information. They can acquire vital information needed to support their applications. Moreover, some types of recruitment videos may include more valuable insight to help them overcome recruiting processes.

You must stand out to impress recruiters amid intense competition among applicants. An excellent educational history, technical skills, and valuable experience are necessary. However, equipping yourself with a good knowledge of the company’s culture and future job desk can boost your presence and win recruiters.