Many working professionals often have one resume, but it could be beneficial for you to have more depending on your career trajectory. However, there’s a big difference between customizing your resume for an employer and creating a different one for a new job application.

In this article, we’ll explore different scenarios where you may need multiple resumes.

Applying to the Same Role

When applying for jobs in the same industry, you often won’t need to make multiple copies of your resume or even tweak the format. If you’re going to a career fair, try to research which companies will be at the event, so you can customize your cover letters instead. Employers will be really impressed that you took the time and effort to create documents specifically for them.

Applying to a Similar Industry or Role

A “similar” industry or role is one that uses parts or all of your skillset but not in the exact way your present industry uses them. For example, a retail employee, receptionist, and restaurant server all work in customer service and use a similar skill set. If you want to get noticed in a similar industry, you’ll have to create a different resume that focuses on that role instead.

Applying at an Industry Event or Career Fair

It’s essential to keep an updated resume as you attend (and even organize) various industry events. However, you may need multiple copies of different versions of your resume. It’s in your best interest to consult a resume writing service for a bulk order because you’ll need professionally written versions of your CV and cover letter for career fairs and events.

Applying to a Different Industry

If you decide to apply for a job in a different industry, you need to think of some courses you’ve taken or skills that you’ve acquired that will apply to your new job role. Some roles may require a different format or a curriculum vitae (CV), which summarizes your experiences and skills. They are typically lengthier than resumes and are commonly used for senior positions.

Applying to a Unique Industry Role

Do you have your eye on that HR position at a media company but don’t have the experience to be hired directly into that role? You may need to create a resume specifically for a unique industry role to get your foot in the door. For example, if you have marketing or sales experience, you could apply for another position, like in ad sales, to earn experience that will lead to HR.

Applying to Multiple Roles in Your Industry

It’s always a good idea to have a “Jack or Jill of All Trades” resume that fits almost any situation. Many jobs love versatility, adaptability, and a broad skillset, so it sometimes pays to clog your resume with all the skills this position is looking for. In this resume, be sure to mention transferable skills that will make you a more attractive and hireable candidate to employers.

Applying to Online Job Portals

When you create a new profile on any online job portal website, you’ve probably noticed that they won’t let you upload more than one resume on your profile. While you can add a separate resume to jobs you specifically apply for, that single resume sitting on your profile may not attract the employers you’re looking for. In this situation, you need to appeal to your strengths.

Evaluate and prioritize the kind of employers you wish to attract on job websites and social media. If you plan on moving into marketing, only upload a marketing resume. There are still plenty of opportunities to apply for other jobs in different industries, but this isn’t one of them.