A criminal record has the potential to make life extremely tough. Many of us will have made silly mistakes early in our life, but most of us will have been lucky enough to avoid a criminal record. This infographic from Hansen & Company takes you through how to best approach the job hunt if you do have a criminal record.

There is little point in letting your criminal record get you down and you need to focus on how you can make the best out of a bad situation. It is possible to make employers look beyond a criminal record but you will most likely need to work on improving your skills. Even stuff like volunteering can really give you a leg up when applying for a job, so keep stuff like this in mind.

If you can, try to provide excellent personal and professional references from people without criminal records. If you do get a job interview, do not lie about your past, and focus on what you’ve achieved since the conviction and how your attitude has changed. Find out more in the infographic!