I saw this wanted ad on Craigslist:

Coffee is for Closers!

Personnel/Sales Manager to offer NO BULLSHIT job opportunity. No smoke and mirrors. No false claims and promises for “motivated team players”. No inflated salary outlook for “go-getters” that never pay off. Give it to me straight. Don’t think I’ll be in the six-figure range in the next two years, regardless of my toil? Tell me! I’ve lowered my pay standards but certainly not the value I can bring to your company. Have something to sell? Give me something to believe in and I will blow so much sunshine on your product that it will be seen from space. True professional prepared to offer real, honest-to-goodness foot to the pavement effort to the right company. Serious inquiries will get my resume in response.

Apparently she got a tasty job offer very soon after posting.

Another testimate to the power of honesty in social media.

She is also branding herself. I think “strait shooter”, “hard worker” “painfully honest”.

What is your personal brand? If you had to write a reverse job post like this one, what would it be like?