People often look at sports players and musicians thinking how lucky they are to be enjoying what they like to do best, daily, while making money out of it. Today’s new generation was raised in front of a computer.

Nothing is more natural to them than looking at a screen. Here are some of the new jobs deriving from hobbies, that you should think about starting by yourself, after graduation.

Website Designer

Some of the most famous electronic games of the last thirty years have been based on creating new worlds. Think of “Forge of Empires” to understand the concept better. Many of the younger ones have spent a lot of time on their computer, growing with new characters and universes.

Going from this activity to creating new websites is only a step to take. Imagination and creativity are keys in both. You have to learn how the process of creation works, and find a good hosting platform that you will use at all times, for your future clients.

Lately, it has been easier to create, as good hosting sites offer the tools you need to put them up, basing yourself on templates. And let us mention that being a website designer is one of the best-paid jobs for young people. Try it!


In a similar category, those who are used to create stories on Instagram, and write a lot on social media, blogs, and other electronic means, should think about becoming writers. Before looking into publishing a book, you should start writing texts for SEO companies.

The variety of clients you will deal with will enable you to perfect your art and to learn about everything you will need to know and write great stories later. If that is the direction you choose, make sure you read a lot as well, as writing implies reading and general knowledge.

Video Editor

Again, if you have been growing up on social media, chances are you have learned, quite young, how to edit videos to make them look better. Maybe your friends keep reminding you how amazing your videos are. If that is the case, then this is a great way to turn your hobby into a business.

Many people do not have that artistic touch and they need people to create great videos for their own endeavors. That is true about start-ups, influencers, and any company that wants to develop itself online. Video is the media of today and tomorrow. So, if you have the skill, put it to work and gain money with it.


This may be the ultimate way to turn something fun into a job. The world of gaming has become the largest entertainment industry in the world. Some fanatics who have become the best at various games are being paid to perform live, in front of an audience, representing brands, and having a chance to win the main prize of each contest.

For someone who has grown with an Xbox game controller in his hand, no job can be better than that. Playing your favorite game all day long; a dream come true.

Music Creator

Today, music creators do not have to learn to play an instrument anymore. They must know how to put sounds together, on top of a rhythm, and mix it in a way that will make people dance all night. At least, some of the new music being played on radio stations and in clubs is produced that way.

If you are a music fan and are always humming a tune that you made up yourself, it is time for you to download a virtual studio, with a full sound kit, built-in, so that you can learn how to put it all together and create the songs of tomorrow. Just let the sounds guide you!

Deciding which path to follow can be a real challenge, but the most important is to let yourself be guided by your feelings, focus on your ambitions and goals and decide how you want your future to look like.

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